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Am I having withdrawal symptoms? *Nausea, loss of apetite*

Discussion in 'General' started by norcalstoner, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. I havn't eaten more than 1 meal per day over the past 2 days... I go to eat I feel like I have no apetite.

    I usually smoke 2 grams a day, but stopped for a t-break and was low on $$.

    It's only been like 4 days now since I smoked.

    This morning I took one bite of a banana and pretty much almost threw up (did that weird puke a little in the mouth thing), and I normally like bananas.

    I have been getting a workout at night, skating for 1 or 1 and 1/2 hours, sweating a lot.

    I am 155lbs, 6'0 if that helps.

    Any way to combat this nausea? And gain my apetite back? BESIDES smoking of course.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. No you are not having withdrawal symptoms since the only withdrawal weed can cause is mental withdrawal but thats usually becauses you have other problems you are just hiding with weed.

    Chances are you are just sick.
  3. Okay, well at least that's good to hear, sort of haha.

    I know its not any food I previously ate, because I am on the dorms in college, so its not the food, or a lot of people would be sick.

    I did pretty much have the poon squirts twice already today, so maybe I have been taking in too much sugar or something. I am too lazy to googling lol.

    Weird. I feel fine otherwise. Maybe I just need to pick up a gram to cure this nausea.
  4. It is probably because you are so used to only eating when you have the "muchies," so your normal hunger reflex is weaker than it should be, because you are so used to the enhanced pot-induced hunger reflex. It should even itself out in a few days, you're not going to die if you still eat every day, so don't be worried. Just eat when you get hungry, and even if you aren't hungry, try to eat some food every day. Your body still wants food, it just doesn't have that pot that always comes before the food, so its a little confused.
  5. ^^What he said.

    Sounds to me like you're just malnourished.
  6. Eat some veggies and fruit. Theres no such thing as MJ withdrawl.

  7. once again, people refuse to believe that weed has ANY addictive properties whatsoever

    its not "usually" because u have other issues, its "usually" because weed is a drug, and the high you experience is obtained through a change in dopeamine/serotonin levels in the brain, and when you smoke all the time and then stop your brain takes time to adjust back to its normal serotonin/dopeamine levels, aka mental withdrawl aka weed is an addictive drug

    maybe not crack/meth/heroin addictive, but addictive none the less
  8. its just mental, youll get over with it bro. Chill and smoke a bowl :hippie:
  9. Negligent is right, anything that you can develop a tolerance to means that there is some sort of brain chemistry changing. Luckily the withdrawal symptoms are fairly negligible.
  10. I get the same way sometimes, but it always goes back to normal within a week which is why it doesn't really strike me as "withdrawal" (but I guess that depends on your definition of withdrawal). Like kinetic said you're just used to eating when youre high, if you're anything like me you really don't eat much sober cuz you just "aren't hungry" but it doesn't seem like that big of a deal because you eat once you smoke. Take away the smoking and you still don't want to eat sober soo...it'll fix itself, just eat a little bit so you don't mess yourself up, try eating just a few bites of something every few hours.

    T breaks don't seem like that big of a deal to us but to our body when we stop smoking cold turkey (and you're used to smoking 2 grams a day) it's gotta throw it off a bit....
  11. Thanks for the info, very helpful and informative.
  12. Perhaps, but I generally don't consider that addiction. Sure it has some addictive properties but I wouldn't consider weed an addictive drug that leads to withdrawals.

    For example if you smoke alot of weed all the time, and are dry for a day you're not going to withdraw, atleast I've never met anyone like that.

    However, as you and I both know from doing heroin, what happens maybe a day tops after you stop doing heroin? Sure if you do dope once you won't get addicted, you smoke once you won't get addicted. But I know people who smoke every day they can and if they can't for a day or two or a week they are fine. People on here take tolerance breaks all the time, or stop to pass drug tests, but how many people take tolerance breaks from heroin after using daily, none because they are addicted.

    Maybe there are drugs that are only mentally addictive and not physicall such as marijuana, however, a problem with heroin addicts is they crave the drug so much they need to take drugs such as suboxen and methadone yet there are no drugs to ease marijuana withdrawal, because it typically doesn't exist.

    So although it may be addictive, the majority of people do not have any withdrawal symptoms from marijuana.

    So we could argue over this all day, but I don't think that will get anywhere, hopefully we can agree that almost no one gets physically addicted to marijuana, and a large majority of people don't get mentally addicted (other than liking to get high, which in case I'm addicted to alot of things because i like them) to marijuana because if they did why don't we have "weed addicts" who have to go to weed clinics to take drugs to function and not crave weed.
  13. The same thing happens to me if I dont smoke for about 24 hours.
  14. That's really odd... I hear things like this a lot when talking to people who have taken t breaks and what not..

    But honestly the exact opposite thing happens to me.. When I blaze yea I'll get the munchies but I can't eat that much just because .. I don't want to eat that much. (I actually lost about 20 pounds since I became a pot head)

    When I quit for 2 1/2 months I honestly gained 10 pounds from eating big whole meals... I could just eat and eat and eventually feel full but not as quickly as I would if I was stoned.

    PS about the banana thing... I like bananas... But I can't eat over 1/4th of a banana or I will start gagging and feel like throwing up... weirdest fucking thing ever.. :confused:
  15. bullshit. Its clear he's having withdrawls from Mary Jane....

    2 grams a day for how long? of course quitting cold turnkey is going to do this to you...the only thing that can beat the symptoms is time...itll pass within a couple of days. good luck man!
  16. Hi,What are the diseases caused by smoking?
  17. cigarettes well they cause lung cancer throat cancer mouth cancer..respiratory problems..chronic coughing...marijuana they cause euphoria happiness laziness munchies if used properly kills cancer cells relieves pain to people with any type of pain from mental to physical..helps people with chemotherapy eat and reduce nausea...
  18. Hi jasonames,
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  19. A monkey could give better advice then this guy... Withdrawal symptoms are 100% real I been smoking an ounce every 2 weeks for years when I stopped I couldn't touch food for a week it will go away just be patient it's the 420 causing this

    Casual smokers have nothing to worry about this is usually for hardcore smokers
  20. The universe doesn't give 2 shits what you think when it comes to objective reality. Things are or aren't, so consideration as a conclusion is useless.

    Psychiatric effects of cannabis

    BJ Psych is an accepted mainstream source for graduate-level college classes, so I figure it will do. There are a million others though.

    Depending on ratio of the density between the CB1 and CB2 receptors you are actually "high" as far as your body is concerned for as long as 48 hours (21 hour average with a 3.2 hour standard deviation). The more you smoke the greater the discrepancy between the densities. This lag time is directly proportional to the withdrawal period in most cases.

    Never shot up so I can't speak to that. Done mountains of glass, and it's consistent with what you're saying. That being said I dip almost constantly now (it's amazing when your high), and I've quit for a few days without a problem.


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