Am I having withdrawal of some sort? (please help)

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  1. This is gonna sound weird but im extremely paranoid right now. I feel I've become extremely skinny and a bit more veiny over the past week and I have been using small amounts of benzos and opiates every other night for a while so since yesterday I havent used any of those pills but Im wondering if maybe im having withdrawal or if this is a negative effect of "smoking" weed? I'm gonna use my vaporizer for tonight.

    also I could swear I saw a vein pop up from my hand for half a second 20 minutes ago. I know some people might say see a doctor but its pretty damn late now and it could be this is nothing.

    need some reassurance, im afraid of dying and im about to get high.

    also I have been drinking tons of green tea this year and had a decaf green tea an hour ago (which still has 5mg of caffeine)

    maybe caffiene is the cause of this and I should stop drinking tea for awhile.

    i appreciate any advice i can get. also i do feel kind of anxious and thats why i think this may be benzos and i am not gonna touch any pills for awhile now
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    your veins are supposed to pop up from the skin, its called vascularity , its a good thing, means your blood is flowing good

    and you dont get skinny from doing drugs, you get skinny from the malnutrition/lack of excercise associated with drugs, such as not eating cuz your high (not on weed)

    edit: and if your lying and you've actually been doing benzo's more like everyday, i'd get to a hospital/detox, you can go into a seizure and die from benzo withdrawl

    edit 2: but trust me, y ou'll know your goin through withdrawl a couple days before a seizure is likely, cuz u'll feel like your gonna die, uncontrollable shakes, pains, severe anxiety etc.

    look it up

    i doubt ur goin through real withdrawl though, your probably just goin through mental withdrawl since ur brain is used to being artificially calmed down through benzo's/opiates
  3. thanks for the reply. I cant imagine I have used benzos enough to be having serious withdrawal cause ive only been taking small amounts and not daily. its also been 48 hours since touching them.

    about the vein thing- I think weed sometimes makes me a bit too aware of my body and how it functions and it kinda messes with my head sometimes. i should probably start eating 3 meals a day too as opposed to one.

    i really hope im just being paranoid, ill watch some tv and try to relax now
  4. I think you should be fine. Caffine might be a bad idea for now, I would chill with the stimulants for a week for 2, if you're not planning on continuing with benzos/opiates that is. Just no need to stress your body more than nessasary. Chill and smoke weed.
  5. My mom has been prescribed Xanax for severe anxiety and sleep disorder for like 3 years. They also just started giving her Valium along with it. I don't understand why they would prescribe two benzos but maybe slightly different mechanisms of action. She doesn't "doctor shop" because they are both prescribed by the same doctor.

    I guess because she gets prescriptions once a month I have never noticed her have any withdrawal-like symptoms but I'm sure she would if she abruptly stopped taking them.

    I'm also scared a bit for her because she goes through a month's scrip in like two weeks because her tolerance has gotten so high but each refill is about two weeks apart so she has Xanax sometimes and Valium the other half of the month.

    I dunno what she is gonna do when they either stop prescribing them to her or she has to quit taking them for some other reason.
  6. just hit up a session. it really helps.... some sour diesels from my bubbler. I think I will go on a break from benzos, opiates and caffeine for 2 weeks and try to let my body take it easy.. its disgusting what pills can do to your body even in small amounts yet weed the safest drug is illegal.

    I will take these feelings as a wake up call and try to be healthier and avoid the legal drugs
  7. To tell you the truth there is nothing wrong with doings, and drugs as long as you take the seriousness into mind. there is nothing wring with using drugs god gave us the intelegents to crate them. moderation can be sin if abuse yourself/family/friends with addiction but we all must try best we can to stay focused on the truly good life aside the bullshit if you know wh mean
  8. wrong.
  9. What do you mean by "smoking" weed?

  10. what do you mean wrong, 95% of my friends veins pokeup from their skin, especially if your exerting physical energy, its the same with like body builders, although i suppose it could just be determined by how thick your skin/fat underneath the skin is

    and people bitch about how pills are so bad for you and are legal and weed is illegal

    i got news for you, pills arent meant to be taken in large quantity to get high, drugs are made solely for that reason hence wh ytheir illegal

    not everyone abuses pills to get high, but EVERYONE who uses illegal drugs uses em for the sole purpose of catching a buzz

    its the same with alcohol, sure its horrible n kills people in cars n what not, but theres a shitload more people who have a beer with their dinner or a glass of whine, or a shot or 2 of whiskey to unwind, then there are people who solely use alcohol to get boligerently drunk
  11. wait what? dude start your own thread
  12. its cause of the pills.....pills are killers...dont do pills man.
  13. Just based on my experience, it's not really possible to start ghetting physical withdrawal symptoms from that light of use.

    Mental issues are totally different though, for instance I just had some insomnnia from coming off a 4 day morphine binge.

    It will subside very soon, if by some chance you really do have physical symptoms. It depends on the substance though, heroin withdrawals have always lasted the shortest for me, with methadone withdrawals lasting the longest.
  14. Insomnia after an opiate abuse isn't all in your head man, what do you mean mental, its physical......

  15. Insomnia (as well as depression, anxiety, craving) is a mental symptom of opiate withdrawal (discontinuation). Things like nausea, intense pains, diarrhea, etc are physical symptoms.
  16. If your Mom is having a doctor prescribe these don't worry, every pyhsician "tapers" a patient down slowly, to a less and lesser daily dose. She won't feel any withdrawals that way.
  17. Really? Huh. Right on

  18. maybe you, but that's where you're wrong.

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