Am I going to get drug tested?

Discussion in 'General' started by Trollinz It, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. I got arrested on simple domestic assault for fighting my brother, and just got a letter in the mail saying I need to go to this assessment location: drug abuse foundation - main campus. Do you think I will be drug tested? If so, what will happen? Will they know I smoke 6-8 blunts a day?
  2. There is no such thing as the drug abuse foundation.
  3. yah dude they will use there mind reading skills and be like " Hey u see Trollinz IT over there, I heard he got arrested for a simple domestic assault charge, let's drug test him because im reading his mind right now and he smokes 6 to 8 blunts a day.
  4. Funny because it's an official letter in the mail that says "Florida Department of Criminal Justice"
  5. 6-8 blunts a day?

    That's alot man

  6. What can I say bro? Peach dutches just make me wanna roll and smoke a blunt :D
  7. why would they send you to a drug abuse place for a domestic violence issue...
    i would hope not man, but knowing how florida is maybe they just wanna see if you're a pill head
  8. Pill head? I only fuck wit weed lol :) But idc, ima just piss my fucking skeet into the test :)))))
  9. Yeah bro they will even know what strains you smoked and everything.

  10. Good yo theyll be like damnn that shits dank as fuck and let me go instead of prosecuting me if I split my next half zip with em
  11. Yeah dude they'll go afta sum fool cheef on dat nasty reggie ew

  12. Oh god just imagine if you were at the probation department getting a urinalysis and you just went in the room for like 15 minutes (all while making grunting/fapping noises) and came out with the cup full of semen

    Just imagine your PO's face

  13. smokin my 7th blunt and just laughed my fucking ass off
  14. [​IMG]

    You will most certainly be drug tested, young grasshopper

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