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Am I getting ripped off?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JebusChrist, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. I brought up the fact that I was looking to buy to a friend I know smokes. He said he could get me some very good stuff for the price of $20 for a gram.

    Now my background. I no longer remember the amount of times I have smoked but still consider myself a newbie since I usually do it through friends, etc. I have personally bought myself twice before and one of those I got what I felt was a crazy good deal(due to pure luck).

    I still don't know how to tell the differences between quality besides crystallized look and smell.

    Currently in a part of FL where stuff is known to be expensive so are there things I should look for or simply take his word. He's a friend in the sense I've known him for a while, we are cool, but nothing truly personal.
  2. $20 a g seems reasonable.

    Unless he is a pretty good friend, pretty sure he will be making a lil bit of a profit off you.
  3. I don't live in Florida, so I can't be sure, but I've heard from a friend who visited Miami once paid 20$ a gram for White Widow. I live in SoCal where depending on your dealer 20$ a gram is typical. So if it really is as good as he says, you might not be getting ripped off... at least compared to your local prices. My friend lives in the Netherlands so he was shocked with the high prices, but that's regular for me and maybe for you too. Imo from what you've said it sounds like you're getting a standard deal (at least for where you live).
  4. When i first got here, people made me think I was getting royally screwed by getting weed for 20 a g, but I've met a lot of stoners, and that's standard in chi-town, unless you got a good hookup.
  5. 20 beans for a g is going price. And crystals and smell and two very good ways to check bud for quality.
  6. that seems to be about normal. its what i pay usually. the thing is to buy in larger amounts and the price per gram goes down
  7. 20 a gram...:eek:
  8. No, if it's some really good shit and dried/cured properly.
  9. I always knew Jebus liked cannabis. :smoking:

    But, to answer your question, if it's dank weed $20 a gram is a normal price.
  10. 20 a gram is fucking crazy unless its some really good shit.

    You gotta think... 20 bucks a gram is 70 an eighth. Which is fuckin retarded for anything other than name brand shit.
  11. Buy it, smoke it, see if it's worth it. If not, get a new dealer. At the end of the day, you're not losing $20, because at worst it's not the most amazing stuff, but it still gets you high, so unless you don't trust the guy anyway, go for it, and see if it's worth it. It's better than proving to the dealer that you don't know much about weed quality by going "Uh, hmm, I dunno if I should buy this or not, $20 seems like a lot" - and getting ripped the next time you buy :p
  12. noo.... i get 2 grams for 20 bucks and that shit looks like gods vagina

  13. You gotta remember here, this guy is Jebus Christ... he doesn't want to see anything that looks like his father's vagina. Or I guess it would be mother in this case?
  14. thats not bad...
    Shit cost alot in the southeast.

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