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am i getting ripped off?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by osiristoker420, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. im about to buy a quarter ounce of weed, but i dont want to get ripped off. can someone show me a picture of a quarter of wqeed in a sandwich bag please? thank you, very much appreciated
  2. It depends if the stuff's dry or wet to how much you will get.


    ^That's an eigth of some dry bud. So imagine two of them and you have a quater of weed.
  3. ask him if he'd mind weighing it out for you - any legit dealer won't have a problem with it if they have their scale with them (which they should). Sizes of a sac can vary greatly depending on how fluffy/dense the nugs are. The photo below is of an eighth, so imagine twice as much as this photo.


    edit: lol previous post beat me.
  4. yeah ask him to weigh it, it will vary depending on strain. sativas will be looser fluffier and weigh less, and a dank indica bud can weigh a quater on its own (large). Sativas and sativa dominate strains will have more in the bag by volume, but not by weight. generally speaking
  5. Should weigh out to about 7.0g, and you should be paying about $45(give or take). Good luck dude.

    Don't forget to take it out of the bag to weigh
  6. 45/quarter? I think not. 70-80 would be average for a quarter, depending where you're at.

    EDIT: but if you weigh in a regular fold top sandwich bag, the bag itself weighs a gram so adjust accordingly
  7. well a quarter of some dro or some reggies because there is a big diff in price, here in texas its 25-30 a half reggies so thats 15 a quarter and 100-120 a quarter for dro....
  8. I'm talking mids, considering that this dude is wondering how much a quarter would cost. And around here i can get quarters all day for $45. I'm not sure where the hell you are, but $70-80 for mids is ridiculous.
  9. Damn dude, that's good prices.

    around here it goes.....

    ~$10 - Blunt
    ~$20-25 - Eighth
    ~$45 - Quarter
    ~$60 - Half

    and so on
  10. And keep in mind sandwich bags weigh bout' one gram and a zip lock weighs about two.
    Say something if they try to weigh it in a baggy
  11. unless your meeting him in the middle fo the walmart parking lot, he shouldnt have a problem weighing it out.
  12. i laughed a lot when i read that
  13. I've never seen a dealer carry a scale with him. Our dealers out here are douches. If you ask them to weigh it they cop an attitude and give you shit.

    so lets just say I go through a lot of dealers
  14. now days with weed heavier due to compression, I would use the two finger fatness of bag rule. if it feels light , it probably is.
  15. check out my trainwreck post in the stash section. its a 1/4 ounce and its light and hairy
  16. i hear you brother.
    i hate it when they get pissy when you ask them to measure it out.
    do they not enjoy making a customer happy?
    i think my dealer just likes being an ass hole lol
    thats why i got 2 new ones!:hello:
  17. If he wont weight it in front of you, it should be about 2 fingers wide from the bottom of the bag.
  18. i pay 30-35 for mids... 40 at the most but if i pay 40 it will be a little over a quarter like 7.5-8 and they always push the tare button after puttin the bag/tray on the scale
  19. Tell him to bring a scale and to weigh it out to you.

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