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Am I getting ripped off? OG KUSH CHICAGO PICKUP

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by mightyliang, Feb 14, 2014.

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    Found a new dealer and he's selling me an eighth of og kush for that a good price if im located in chicago? I'm new so what are some signs that I should look for to determine if it's real og kush? 

  2. Sounds like a good deal to me, eighths where I am are usually $60 at the highest...
    According to the OG Kush, you won't really be able to tell, dealers usually just put random strain names on their bud to so that more people would buy it, most likely the dealer doesn't know the actual strain name. You should be able to tell if the bud is good by how it looks and how well it smokes.
  3. 45 a 1/8 is super fair for street prices, in tn dank is everywhere and 45 is a steal but not impossible, 50-60 is more realistic
    • in bmore I was getting purp for 45 an 1/8, 90 a 1/4, 160 a 1/2
  4. Good price. I pay $40 for miss and $45 for dank.
  5. Yeah thats a fair price. Just make sure it is actually dank, a lot of people in Chicago claim to have OG Kush
  6. Being from Chicago I would have to tell you that our DANK eighths are usually 50-60. Now just to let you know, what you're getting will probably not be what you're told. Your dealer will lie to you all of the time about the strand and quality. Haven't met a single dealer that is honest about the quality of their weed. They will usually tell you that it's dank but it will most likely depend on the price.

    Tl;dr you're not getting the best weed but it'll be pretty good.
  7. Bmore. Im in bel air nigga lets smoke haga

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  8. I can tell OG Kush from other types. It is very easy to spot, and smell a good OG. I would doubt its real OG if its $45 in Chi. OG typically cost a little more as 1)its very strong almost narcotic like,and 2) it is a very low yielding strain.
    Unless Chi's market is flooded with OG kush, I doubt its real. Unless ur dudeman has some medical vendors.

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  9. Agreed. Although I did jus find a dealer who's chill as shit. He ain't even really a dealer jus gets like an oz a week and sells a lil bit to me and a few of his buddies. I met him cause our girls are friends. Anyways he straight up jus tells me yeah all my shits good but this ain't as good as my last sack or this is better yada yada.

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  10. I have a few dealers, and funny enough, the only one who doesn't lie to me about the weed is my ex who deals. But her prices are fair and her bud is dank. She gets it from her sister who grows so I guess she gets good prices. But yea the guy dealers tend to lie and the girl dealers tend to be more straightup.
  11. For real, my freshmen year I was in a crowd of low level dealers, one of them would "name" every pick up he got before he sold it. Always good for a laugh.
  12. Any person off the street can hand you flowers they don't know the name of. Only a dealer will charge you for it and ask you for constant returns.
  13. Yeah when I went down to Chicago they had me pay 50 for some good kush my cousins been smoking since he was a baby and he grew up there so he's got connects
  14. I highly doubt he's been 'smoking since he was a baby'

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