am i doing something wrong???

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  1. im in the middle of harvesting my plant and my friend tells me im doing it wrong.

    i am cutting off the buds that i know are done for sure and then if theres any remaining that dont look quite right i will leave them.

    my friend says that i should cut the plant and the main stem. he says the plant is still alive and thats it like im cutting its arms and legs if im torturing it.

    is he right or wrong??
  2. Naaa you can cut the top buds off first...they are finished first, then work your way down. Make sure you flush your plant clean each time you harvest off branches. Once you have harvested the tops, and keep the strength of the nutes to 1/4 after harvest (this will allow you to flush quicker each time to harvest another section), and always harvest after a 12 hour dark period, but prior to the lights coming on.

    Also tell your friend that unlike humans, plants can grow back. Don't think of it as cutting an arm or leg off.
  3. You're friend is an idiot.

    You sir are correct.
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