Am i doing something wrong, pics

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by edwardvanhalen, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. Hey guys i have this humidifier running all day and it didnt change my humidity at all.
    My humidity is at 25 percent and i need it around 40 so i thought this would work but i have no idea why its not ,, any ideas.

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  2. if you have the air exchanging all the time your exhaust is most likely pulling you humidity out of your grow room.
  3. My grow area is in my closet there and this is in my bedroom.
    I keep the door closed to my room (not the closet) but i do have the a/c running about 8 out of 12 hours the plant is in light.

    I do have a fan on top of my closet blowing hot air out so maybe is that it. Thanks for your input.
  4. what kind of light are you using? how close is it to your plants? temps at tops of plants?
  5. Cfl's and are you asking how far away is the humidifier from the closet because u can see it in the pic.
    My temp is about 75 degrees most of the time and the lights are about 3 inches away from the top of my plant, but that wouldnt make a difference in the humidity.
    Thanks man.
  6. id try closing your closet door. that would help to get the humidity in.
  7. Haha yeah that's s good idea. U just started growing I'm guessing so if I close my closet the temp would prolly go up to 110 degrees in 30 minutes. That and not a lot of air for the plant. Thanks for ur input though.

    Maybe I need a bigger humidifier
  8. Why do you want the humidity to be higher?

    MJ really does not need a high humidity environment.

    If you want more humidity then just buy a spray bottle and manually mist the plants a couple times a day.

    Having a Humidifier in a different room as your plants is not going to do much.
  9. The air conditioner is pulling some of that humidity out... If you've ever watched an ac drip... That's humidity condensing...
  10. Dude please read my post before you reply, i said the humidity was at around 25 percent.
    Do you think that is a good humidity to have, no its not. And my humidifier is right by the door of my plant. Please dont reply back.
  11. Hey gro, thanks that makes sense, i just have to have it on sometimes because it gets hot in here. Thanks again
  12. Hope it all works out dude good luck
  13. Put the dam humidifier in the closet. duh and if you cannot do that(b/c of space issues, then rig up some plastic venting like you use for gutter downspout extensions and hook it to the dehumidifier and run straight into the room. The point is that the humidifier is too small to properly create the humidity you desire, b/c the room area is too large.
  14. what your really doing wrong. imho. is being kinda rude to people that are just trying to help you. take peoples advice or leave it, just realize people are giving their best advice. and u asked...
  15. Um it looks like your plant is in flower from the pics so yeah 25% is not bad at all for a plant in bloom.

    Wow, sorry to piss you off there.

  16. haha thats ok man, you didnt piss me off. I just have been growing and always thought that the humidity should be around 45 percent and thats what i want it to be. Sorry for my asshole comment, you were tryin to help me and i was a dick, so again, sorry.
  17. shut the fuck up and dont reply bck
  18. WOW what a piece of work. You should try to remember that you came on here asking for help. As the other guy said if you keep the door closed that would keep the humidity in the room. If you did not do a good job designing your room that is your own fault. in my opinion you are doing something wrong, being a douche bag
  19. humidity isn't as important after the seedling/clone part of a plants life, if your humidity is lower, than I believe this makes your plant breath easier I thought? Or maybe that's backwards. Either way I do know it isn't as important after the plant gets old enough, this also means you may be shortening your drying time if the humidity stays lower, and will help reduce your chances of mold or mildew, use some plastic to cover the door way, and keep slits in it, as was stated before just pipe the humidity in, and use a slit in the top of the plastic and use that to exhaust your air. A good grow area can be closed off completely(except air circulation) and still be fine, it may work for you, but if you have to keep the door open to avoid high temps, you should probably re design your grow area. Also, how do cfl's get to 110 in there.
  20. this dude is hilarious, starts a thread asks for help, then trys to shit on everyone for helping lol. Stop telling people they know nothing about growing when you are freakin out about low humidity lmfao, it really doesnt matter at this point.(unless maybe it was 0) o and if you think cfl's would raise your temp to 110 degrees you would have to have 400 watts of cfl's in that little closet of yours. Who are you to ask a extremely noob question and then try n tell people they are obviously noobs. lol

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