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Am I doing it right?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by enrollstoney, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. So what i usually do is i pick up leaves/trimmings from some wild marijuana near my place, i let it dry naturally in a dark, non humid place, store it in airtight container. Then before smoking up a j, i roll it with moderate amount of hash and 2 joints later i'm all done :p

    I mean is it ok, you know, smoking leaves? :p

    I can also pick up some shake for 6$ but i tend to prefer leaves since they are free :|

    Opinion? Suggestions?
  2. Why not pick the buds? Leaves will give you a headache and will mess your lungs up. Why not just get shake and mix it with hash. Leaves aren't supposed to be smoked..
  3. do what you gotta do
  4. Haha you're probably smoking some random leaves that isn't even from a weed plant.

  5. #5 enrollstoney, Mar 26, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 26, 2013
    I prefer not to pick the shake since people around here tend to rip you off and when confronted they be all like either buy it or leave it. As far as headaches are concerned I haven't got any so far xP also I smoke occasionally like once a month or so :p
    And smokieokiepokie, lol nah man they definitely some marijuana leaves :p :)


    P.s. chronicman00 I really am considering waiting for the buds to grow in these marijuana plants in fall and till then pick up some shake instead of leaves cause it seems stupid even to me :| :p

    Btw I live in Northern India and cannabis plants grow in big numbers here in the wild.
  6. Just wait for the plants to fully bud and pick all the buds.
  7. smooookee buuuddd
  8. dig some of those plants up and take them home!!! :D
  9. if i were you, id stick to hashish until those plants bud or you can get some yourself. Do you ever try dabbing the hasish?

  10. Dabbing? :confused: aint heard of it :p

    damage420 thats what I'm plannin to do :) till then I have asked this guy for some shake for $5.5, nuff for a joint or two i guess :smoke:
  11. this is the easiest way if you dont have a glass piece specifically designed for dabs.

    be warned this method of ingesting thc gets you extremely baked :smoking:
  12. You can make some nice edibles from the little bit of thc on the leaves

  13. 2 joints for $5? Over here in Detroit, Michigan that would be a steal!

  14. Its some mids not that super dank hybrid stuff :p But i guess it is what it is man :smoke:
    It might be bro, but the thing is the grower sells it for 100 rupees (1.84 $) to a dealer who sells it an acquaintance of mine for 200 rupees (3.68 $) and this acquaintance sells it me for 300 rupees (5.52 $) and this is when i feel like im gettin the raw end of the deal :p
  15. hey bro im from india lol .. my servant had mad tree therr but the thing is u have to wait much much longer id say summer time will have decent size nugs.. n whatr most people do down there is they jus rub the plant between there hands n get the thc or hand has off it n jus throw that on a ciggerette n smoke it.. that how i c my worker do it.. but wen i went plants were ether all male or super premo.. but u could jus talk to some workers in the area n get some decent for 100 rupees or so which is 2 dollas lol.. or if ur in a bigger city there is gaurnteed to b high end hashs in the market or even high end flowers bro got to b lol

  16. Yea i do get some dank hash for 650 rupees, lasts me quite some time but I need something to use as a base in my joints :p i mean huge amount of hash is easily available here but when it comes to a bud dayum!! its quite rare to buy one :( In which state did you live btw? :)
  17. Try getting the shake and use 99% isopropyl alcohol or any high alcohol liquefied like grain alcohol. You can make wax, and dab with it.

    Here, we get top shelf joints for $5 each and its not shake. I can't smoke shake anymore, its too harsh. For your hash, you can try buying a hash pipe or burn a small hash piece on a paperclip and put a glass jar over it. Let the smoke fill the jar then stick a straw in and inhale.
  18. Do you understand that even if you're smoking marijuana leaves that they contain no psychoactives?
    Only the ones near the budding flower tops ever get a small amount of visible trichromes.
    Don't smoke the leaves bro.

  19. I'm quite aware of the fact that leaves have almost next to zero THC and CBD thats why I use the crushed leaves as a base and mix hash with it in my joints. Plus I can't use bongs, dabbing or make wax cause I'm still living with my family, until I move out of town by next year, planning to buy a vaporizer then :p :)
  20. hey im from punjab but .. the thing bout india is u can get any chemical u want to make bho or w.e but it not as secure as here meaning.. the butane can b ripped off, fake , or who knows what else so it jus easier if u make hand hashs jus to make sure u dont wan contament ur flowers with chemicals u arnt 100% sure of ..

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