Am I crazy?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by TreeOfLife, May 24, 2010.

  1. hope this is where i should put this lol

    day off and smoking today and thought hey, i will add up all the watts i am using and see what its at, i did and now sorta worried lol or very stoned

    is 2600 to 2700 total watts, as in every fan, light and bs going to much, am i paranoid or should take out a light or something? i mean when you hear that do you say wow to much or huh? you are crazy

    never had any problems with power company, neighbors, cops (anyone really) just paranoid now lol
    orjust may be overthinking it
    or just to stoned and i need to go to bed:D
  2. Just pay your electricity bill on time every time and you shouldn't have any worries as far as electricity goes.

    They want your money, and the only time they will say anything is if you aren't giving it to them.

    You'll be straight, enjoy your high and quit worryin' so much!!
  3. You're insane...:smoke:
  4. i have the same problem and im parnoid but the the only differenc is i have half of what you got so you are insane and playing with to much electricity depending on you bill and house size and if you live in a parment you are going to get cought but if you dramatically cut the light source there gonna catch on quick. hope the dea cock suckers dont catch you.
  5. 2.7kwatts? u are CRAZY step that shit up 10k+ watts on 1 plant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. i dont live in an apartment, its a house

    started when we moved in so as to start high not go high on electricity
    and tried to squeak out extra juice here and there like using all cfls in my normal fixtures and such
    i dont know was just a mini freak out i hope:wave:
  7. I have 2 PC's. One runs a 1000w PSU and the other a 650w. I was running them both nearly 24/7 AFKing an online game while watching tv. If you are truly worried bye some PC's and if you get a knock at the door show them the PC's although yes you are just being paranoid lol.
  8. Yes, you are crazy.

    Aside from that, you'll be fine. As people have said, the power company is more than happy to feed your habit so long as you keep paying them on time.

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