Am I buying the correct ballast?

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    I have in my possession a 
    Bloomerang 400 Watt High Pressure Sodium Bulb.

    I also have this Grow Light Reflector. It uses a standard "s" plug.

    I'm buying a ballast on a budget and this is the cheapest one I have come across on the internet.

    Now my question comes down to the "S" plug. My reflector calls for an "S" plug when the ballast states it " accepts all Sun System® lamp cords ".

    I have found THIS adapter on ebay. Will this help me plug my "S" plug Hood Reflector into this Ballast?

  2. Not in a position to make crystal clear statements, looks fine imo. But 178$, u call that a cheap ballast? I paid 130$ for the 600 ballast AND the bulb, including the reflector hood.
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  3. I agree.  Hop on over to Amazon and do a search for grow light ballast.  For what that costs I got a 600W Apollo dimmable ballast, cool tube, large hood and one each MH & HPS bulbs.
    Plus a couple of days later while getting something else, I got an offer for another HPS bulb for $19.95.  Snatched that up for a spare.
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