Am I bi?

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  1. Ok I would never under any circumstances put my fingers in another womans pussy, but when I see a thick chick like Nicki Minaj or just a girl with nice curves I think damn shes hot and SOMETIMES get hard nipples. But I couldn't touch a girl like that and get turned on so...

    what the hell am i sexually?????
  2. you don't seem bisexual to me, to be honest.

    could you see yourself married to a women in the future?
  3. meh....every girl has that chick that gets them kinda hot. chicks can think other chicks are hot and not want to eat their puss or however lesbians have sex. If you can't see yourself eating pussy and you like cocks,you ain't bi.
  4. Well I do not get raging boners when I see Brad Pit or Ashton Kutcher so you might be.
  5. No I wouldn't even want a relationship. IF I happened to fool around with a girl, she would def have to be the one doing all the touching .
  6. The only thing that would make me think your bi is Nicki Minaj making your nipples hard. Maybe you just enjoy the physical shape of women. I can honestly say that I've seen guys and I just said "Damn he's sexy." I didn't get a hard on or suddenly crave his weiner in my butt; it was just to me he looked like an attractive guy. Who knows, maybe you are sexually attracted to certain types of women, you never know until you try it!
  7. You see someone attractive and notice it..I wouldn't say you're bi. If you don't see a hot chick and think things like you would a hot guy...then I think you're just noticing. I mean sexuality is pretty flexible if people are open. There's a difference though...I am bi..if I see a hot my head..the thoughts..they're well not very innocent :D the same if I'm checking out a guy..actually maybe a little less innocent not quite the same lol.

    Just noticing someones body is normal. The female figure can be very nice to look at :D
  8. "would never under any circumstances put my fingers in another womans pussy"
    you're not bi.

  9. you are most definitely not bi then
    you seem bi-curious to me and theres nothing wrong with that, almost everyone goes through it. few admit it :smoke:
  10. If you wouldn't have sex with a women, you're not bisexual. You just like the womanly form. Most women can admit another woman is hot but if you're bi, you would want to have sex with other women.
  11. Nicki minaj is gross.
  12. I think Nicki is a hermie

  13. Isn't Cierra supposed to have a dick too?
  14. Um... yea you definitely might be. I can appreciate a really pretty girl, but I have absolutely no sexual urges/feelings. If you're getting hot from looking at Niki Minaj then yes, you are bi.

    If? There is no if when you're straight and the fact that you would let a girl touch on you means that you're more than likely bi. Think about it, when we're really young we find boys cute/hot whatever, but we don't want to have sex with them. Then we get older and then we fuck them. I think this just means that you're developing an attraction to women.

    Ok so yes you are bi lol
  15. No, you're heterosexual.
  16. Nicki Minaj?? Really???
  17. You don't sound it, which is a bummer, bi girls are every guys dream, and it doubles your targets when looking for booty.
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    Usually if you are paranoid you are bi, you are trying to hide the fact that you are bi. I was definitely at that point once, now I embrace the fact that I like both penis and pussy.

    Go into it with an open-mind, don't close yourself like you are now. I can tell from the whole "Southern" thing you got going on that you were probably raised to believe it was wrong. It is time to break away from what everyone ELSE tells you and learn what you believe. Try watching some lesbian porn, try looking at a woman and saying, "Yes I find her sexy. But is she turning me on, or do I simply want to BE that woman?"

    Good luck figuring out. And just to let you know, a thread on Grasscity probably WON'T help you figure out anything about YOURSELF. Self-exploration starts well... within yourself.
  19. don't be fooled into thinking that homo/bi is something you're born into... its a choice. and i urge you to stick with the moral, as well as tried-and-true, tradition of heterosexuality. this may sound harsh, but i assure you that anyone who says they dont "feel attracted" to the opposite sex is either asexual (exceedingly rare) or experiencing a sexual dysfunction.

  20. Fuck that, you have no idea. Why would anyone make the choice to be criticized daily for loving someone of the same sex? Oh yeah, no one. You are born with it and it's something you can't change.

    I can't choose to only like dudes because that's not who i am. You need to stop acting like you know what we go through and how we came to be this way.

    And OP, you're not bi. If you have no desire to munch on pussy then you just have an appreciation for attractive people. It's normal.

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