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Am I Being Skeemed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by gmannn, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Am i being skeemed?
    2 grams of loud = $40
    1 gram of loud = $20
    1/2 gram of loud = $10
    2 grams of mids = $20
    1 gram of mids = $10
    1/2 gram of mids = $5

  2. Nahh man, that's about right for that size pick up
  3. thats what i spend
  4. No. That seems to be fair prices.
  5. buy in bulk. those prices suck balls... the last time i recall i ever paid 20 a gram was when i believe i was still a senior in high school. now i pay about 10 a gram. still pretty fuckin expensive but it's better than 20 a gram i suppose. can't wait until legalization, then i won't have to deal with these bullshit inflated prices anymore...
  6. you should be getting an 1/8 of both for 20 more each then by those prices,
    and yea I realized tree gets so inflated from being passed person to person, everyone throwing their own profit 'tax' on it. Ive come across traveled compact bud before where kids believe they have great stuff, but its just changed hands 10+ over times since it came out the dirt so its accumulated a tax which they unknowingly pay for which is whatever the dealers tac onto eachother for profit, which also includes the degradation the bud moving from bag to bag
  7. yea thats pretty average until you get a hook up that you bond with a prices lower for you as a friend. 
  8. I will never understand why people buy 1 gram at a time, that shit is expensive. Buy in bulk man, 1/4 or more.
  9. Who came up with the term "loud" for weed?
    If I ever heard a person say that out loud in real life, I may or may not be inclined to bitch slap them. 
    Anyway, yes, those prices are pretty reasonable for non-legal states.
    As was already mentioned, buying by the gram is not cost-efficient, in any way.
  10. All about right except I can get a gram of mids for $5.. i don't remember the last time I bought mids though.
  11. Also, I believe the word you're looking for is: Schemed
  12. Honestly came in here just to say that lol.
  13. Sounds rightly priced

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  14. #14 BigBabyLegs1203, Jun 20, 2013
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    where i live i pay 5 a gram for mid and we call it "skimped" lol but yeah those are okay prices
  15. #15 Bronx Finest, Jun 21, 2013
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    Well, I guess you gotta bitch slap Cheif Keef. And get shot 5 mins later.
    He didn't invent the term but he deff got it out there

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  16. your being skimped by 5$ from what ive seen florida prices idk its 15$/g down in fl but in misouri where i used to live it was 20$/g
  17. you should be getting more for the mid.. it should be 5/gram.. thats wat i pay
  18. THe loud prices seem to be pretty average. I have a good connection, so loud is $15/g for me ($20/g for others). But around here (OH),  reggie/mids is $5/g no matter how good it looks (although i have some BOMB reggie that could easily sell for $10 - $15 / g  that I got for $5/g ;) )
  19. Yeah I payed that for like 2 years till I found a better dealer. Except te mids thing. For twenty I get like 4 grams of mids

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