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Am I Being Ripped Off?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mlrock, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. I live in New York City, where the market price for good weed is $20 a gram. I usually buy an eighth, which is about 3.5 gs, for $70 from my dealer. My friend tells me that he's ripping me off and that 8ths should cost $55-$60. Is my friend right, despite the fact that it doesn't make any mathematical sense?
  2. Yeah that's the price for the standard gram in the Tri-state area.
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    Yea your getting ripped...I could get dank for abOut 60 a 8th and I live like a hour away from NYC so sameish prices to. Oh and the reason it isn't 70 is becues the point of a 8th is buy 3g get .5 free
  4. a lot of dealers will charge less when you buy more, $55-65 is probably the most common price for an eighth, but $70 isn't bad if you don't know anyone better.
  5. I wouldn't say you're getting ripped off, just paying a pretty high price. One eighth of dank should usually be around 50-60$
  6. yeah dude your connect is charging you up the ass. If i were you i would try and look around for a cheaper one, i get my eighths for 50.
  7. lmao screw you all i get lemon skunk (SO DANK) right now from my guy for $30 an 1/8th :bongin:

  8. screw us all? word, you are the man. :hello:

    i wish i was you :rolleyes:

    @OP, Being from LI, NY i say 70$ is a ripoff. 60 is the highest, 50 is the average from what i see.

    55 is what i try to pay for dankness for one eighth, obviously price drops per eighth when you buy more.
  9. yeah you are.

    You are not getting any kind of deal what so ever, unless hes blowing you while he weighs it out.

    Tell him to lower it or youll find someone else, dont do it.

  10. And you are in NY? If not why are you laughing at others misfortunes? Grow up weed.

    @ OP, the dealer only has to make 1 transaction as opposed to 3.5; He owes you a discount. :smoke:
  11. Yeah dude. Delaware you can pick up a good 1/8 of dank for 40-45. 70's crazy.
  12. hypothetically i could mail you AN 8th of dank name brand medical for 50$ and still make 20$ off you..yes ur gettin ripped unless your dealer is paying alot of money for weed himself. however when you dont have a good network of connectoins i'd be lucky to get an 8th for 70... at one point in my pot smoking career i was paying the same thing until i realized what was going on in california

  13. lol im just messing around sorry for being a bit cocky haha.. obviously its a huge price difference from where you live to where i live, i would really hate to pay that much, but you gotta do what you gotta do i guess:smoke:
  14. For 20/G it should definitely be 60. You know that when you buy more than a gram you start getting more for less. For instance if you're getting 20/g and 60/eight you're getting that .5 more for free, that's just how business is in general.

  15. No i have never heard of prices like this before, it is quite crazy to me seeing as weed is already overpriced where i live ($10/g).. sorry for being cocky lol i feel bad that you guys have to pay that
  16. u from Oregon by any chance, cause all my dealers have lemon skunk right now and im loving it.
  17. It's cool. I actually pay 200 -250 an O, but will never tease anyone for their costs. Not their fault. :smoke:
  18. Does anyone in this thread know why an 8th is 3.5g's? It's not because your getting .5 for free or any other kind of "price break"... There are eight 8ths in an ounce. 28 grams divided by 8 = 3.5 grams..
  19. Damn bro I get eighths for $25

  20. Nope i actually live in Canada. Lol im loving it too, my dealer gets his weed shipped from BC so its always different dank buds, he told me the next stuff will be watermelon kush im so pumped :smoke:

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