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Am i becoming allergic to weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BlazethenTF2son, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. So ive been smoking for a year. In tht time ive smoked daily and consumed any were from 1-3 bowls in a day (cnt give gram size cause im a nub). During the 1st half of my year smoking everything was fine and i had tooken 2 seperate tolerance breaks tht lasted a week each.

    Now the 2nd half of the year is were my trouble starts. I have not tooken any t-breaks during the 2nd half of my year smoking and began daily exersizing. During the 2nd half of my year smoking i stuck more to smoking 2-3 bowls. My mucus also started thickening which now causes me to cough up clear sticky flem a few times a day and a few extra times each time i smoke (increases temporarily while im smoking) and now i get sinus headaches/migraines when i smoke more than 3 bowls (sometimes just 3) a day tht last a while.

    I was wondering if i am developing an allergic reaction to marijuana, just need a t-break or if its normal to get like this when u smoke 3 bowls or more. Can someone tell me?
  2. Why smoke to where it gets uncomfortable? Smoke less, if it continues, take a break.
  3. have you tried drinking Lots of water, like 2-3 litres a day? i get headaches/migraines when im dehydrated, and if your exercising you need even more water

    idk just a thought
  4. I've always been a big water drinker and now that I'm exercising a lot more man I drink twice as much. It's important to drink a lot of water but also if your exercising to increase consumption of salt to. There is a reason gatorade and the like taste so salty. Your body needs electrolytes.
  5. Probably should have said something to this extent as well; I used to have symptoms like you do. Lots of mucus, coughing; never any headaches because I drank LOTS of water, though(you should, too. As mysterie said, dehydration = headache). After smoking I'd hawk a giant loogie, whether it was bong rips or a J.
    Later I got sick and a cough came along and made everything 100% worse. I decided to switch to mainly vaping, and my lungs are much better since then.

    I sometimes get headaches when I smoke ALOT of weed throughout the whole day.
    Weed is tiring, not just because it causes a release of sleep-chems, but because it wears down your body. Could be you just cant handle 3 bowls on days where you have had too little sleep, food, drink, etc.

    DONT increase salt consumption activly, as jza80r has said. Unless your a health nut, I can guarantee you that you consume more than enough sodium each day. If you want other electrolytes, drink some tap water. I'm not saying gatorade is bad, im just saying dont go and eat teaspoons of salt. Haha
  6. Ask your doctor if your alergic to anything, if THC comes up i think they'll tell you.

  7. are you smoking mexican shit because they spray it chemicals for more weight and use very nasty nuts know flush because I know people that this is happening to know that no longer smoke the mexican sausage
  8. To be honest, I'm having a bout of eczema since I been indulging more frequently :confused:
  9. I sneeze all the time once I've handled some weed. I think I get hay fever from weed.

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