Am I an asshole? - slept with a girl that my best friend was interested in.

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  1. Alright so here is a short story that recently happened to me.

    I currently live outside my hometown so basically I lack overview of what my hometown friends do at their spare time. I came home last week and got a phone call from "friend 2" that said he needed me because he was hitting on a girl and needed someone to "occupy" her friend. At this point all I knew was that we were meeting two girls and one of them I could hit on.

    Me and this girl got good contact just after that one night, and ended up fooling around at the end. But at this point she admitted that she also kind of hooked up with my best friend last week, but they only met once and my buddy is known for sleeping around and I didn't figure he was thinking of something more serious.

    The day after I found out they had planned a double date together the coming Saturday. But this double date turned into a barbecue party were I was also invited, I told my friend that I would of course back off and let him do his thing.

    The day came and my mate was hitting on her and I ignored her completely. After a bunch of alcohol consumption she sat herself next to me and basically told me she could not get me out of her head, and that she realized that my buddy was not her type at all.

    Now at the same time my friend from the other night (friend 2) told my buddy that she still was interested, and that he shouldn't give up yet. At this point my best friend confronted me and said that he actually could see something develop with this girl (even though she told me she was not interested). He was pretty drunk at the time and some minor drama started around the subject. And at this point I said that I would never let a girl get between us, and nothing would happen between me and her...

    It ended up with him leaving his house with my other friends to got to an after party with the main goal of picking up girls. And at that point I was left alone with this girl, both of us very drunk and we started hooking up. I told her that I could not have sex with her, at least not before I spoke with my buddy.

    So we drank some more, and started passing out. She wanted to share a bed, and even though I knew it was a stupid idea I went through with it. But again stated that nothing could happen between us.

    The sexual tension between us was just getting higher and higher, and at one point I couldn't take it anymore. I gave in. Iv felt horrible about it the past two days, and today my friend called me and asked if I slept with her. I said I wouldn't take it over the phone and wanted to meet up with him for a chat later, which I'm currently going to.

    I must admit I feel pretty bad for doing this, and I just want some other perspectives around it.

    Thanks a lot if you read through it all.

    - Hooked up with a girl that I didn't know had a date with my best friend.
    - My friend only met this girl once before and managed to say he could see it develop to something bigger.
    - She lost interest in him and gained interested for me.
    - I slept with her, even though I told my buddy I would not do it.
    - Meeting my friend to talk about it later today, and I feel pretty shitty about it all.
  2. That sucks.. all you can really do is apologize over and over. :(
  3. you must provide your buddy with a detailed and comprehensive report outlining positions which she exceled in, felatio, smell, taste etc. this should make decisions uncomplicated.
  4. You should forgo the meeting with him. And go fuck her again.
  5. If it wasn't you, it would have been easily someone else. Are you sure your
    buddy wants a girl that goes to parties and gets fucked by random guys? :bongin:
  6. Other fish in the sea, I doubt this slut would be the white buffalo.
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    haha awesome quote!

    But to OP..just calmly explain what happened as best you can, i know i'd be pissed as hell if he were me but i'd get over it
  8. well if she aint interested in him and she likes you

    then its all good but fuck her and take pics to piss him off (im kidding) :D
  9. That's a shitty situation, man. Just let him know how sorry you are because ho or not he was interested in her. It might take awhile for him to get over it but he will.
  10. Thanks for the replies! I knew this was the right place to come.

    Everything went a lot better than expected after the talk. Of course he was disappointed in me, and I didn't hide a thing for him. But tonight we had a great time together with other friends, and we are already at the point where we can joke around it (guess it didn't mean that much to him).

    I just felt so bad I had to open my heart to someone else before I spoke with him, again thanks!
  11. Nice, that's what real friends do right there. Hope all goes well for you two.
  12. dude as long as its not his girl who cares
  13. nah bro, you are a dude... the girl wasnt feeling him anymore so she is free game... your buddy should stop bitching and give you props... besides you got sloppy seconds anyway!
  14. He had no chance with her right? Then not a big deal.

    Besides which, I'm not one of those "bros before hos" - thats a bunch of bullshit. I've been fucked over more by my "best friends" than women. So screw that. Do what you gotta do and don't feel bad about it.
  15. If he really wanted to be with her, he wouldn't leave her alone drinking with another guy while he leaves for another party to look for more women ;)

    He set you up!
  16. You can apologize to some extent, but what you can't apologize for is his inability to sustain her interest, or her desire to bone you and not him. You were only one half of the equation...

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