Am I alone on this?

Discussion in 'General' started by Starsky, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. So recently I've realized that pot just isn't that fun. I mean i still get high, very high. But when I do i just find myself being paranoid especially if I'm in an environment where I don't know the people. I enjoy smoking by myself a lot more, and I'm not sure if that is weird or not?

    With people I'm not too familiar with i find myself debating on what to say and if i should say it or not, like whatever comes out of my mouth is weird and I'm paranoid about it. I also feel like everything is just dumb, for example I had smoked before spanish class and we had to say a prayer before class in spanish and i just thought it sounded so dumb, everyone in the class just rattling off these words that I didn't even know? Another example is i went to see the "Notorious Movie" i was quite stoned when i saw it, but i felt overly critical of the whole movie and hated it, i felt that it seemed a cheap production with poor acting and that the baby's head in the beginning was way too fuckin big. Everybody else seemed to love the movie, i hated it?

    Now when I drink alcohol I feel totally different, totally carefree and just seem to enjoy random stuff a lot more. When i combine the two i don't feel the paranoid feeling. I just don't know anymore i feel like i spend such a large amount of money on pot when it's really not worth it.

    (please someone don't flip out and be like alcohol sucks and it kills so many people, I'm well aware of this, thanks.)
  2. Yes, you are alone.

    Well probably not, but I'd be willing to bet you're in a vanishingly small minority here.
  3. Some people just don't like it.
  4. Bud that's just how the drug works at times. You gotta find yourself a better environment, or some people you feel more comfortable opening your mouth to. If you don't feel comfortable and you're atleast 50% sure it's english, then let it ride bro.

    Chances are you are all baked and will agree, or they won't acknowledge you saying anything because of how high they are.

    On the alcohol fact, we all loosen up because of alcohol. That's how it works. Swells the brain and you start uncontrollably rambling.

  5. na man i never get paranoid anymore i did when i was a rookie but that was a long time ago
  6. Well how does it make you guys feel? I remember when i first started smoking i didn't feel like this at all. i would enjoy everything and laugh and have a good time, now it's just not like that.
  7. Weed isn't for everyone.
  8. smoking with friends and having no chance of being caught. like, family is away for 3 days, then thats fun. but smoking alone can be really fun too, i do it a lot. i smoke with friends MORE, but i still do it a lot.
  9. Been smoking over 30 years and still getting stoned and watching movies that never gets old to me.:smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking: went to see my bloody valentine in 3d (stoned) a was cool as f_ck.
  10. you need to take a t-break
  11. This.
  12. About the movie you saw...

    Maybe it really was horrible. I know there are lots of people that will laugh at any stupid shit they see in the theaters so they can feel like everyone else. You are no longer bound by societies restrictions and your perspective on life is changing.
  13. You're not alone. weed just isn't for everyone sometimes. do what you gotta do to get by that's all that matters.
  14. To clarify what I meant with my flip comment, I meant among the general population here on GC. Of course it's not for everyone and there's nothing wrong with not smoking if one doesn't like the experience.

    Just try not to go TOO crazy with the alcohol. It's far worse for you.
  15. Yeah I can understand, try and only smoke when your in good moods or take a short t-break, but honestly and no offense you seem like a bit introvert...maybe it's just me, but I'm the same way, when I smoke I feel most comfortable with someone extremely close to me or myself. Take it easy, but if your not enjoying the bud, maybe save the money for something else?
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    I'm not sure what is too crazy? Is waking up and drinking too crazy? I kind of feel like my morals have gone out the window when it comes to substances, I don't feel bad about how much i use anything and I disregard the negatives that could come from it. I feel invincible. This however could be from the liter of Absolut in my stomache, I don't even know anymore.

    I appreciate your input but I do not feel like an introvert at all. I've never had the feeling or rather being alone or being around others brings my energy down. Just only when I smoke with people I don't feel comfortable with.
  17. did not say the movie was good in fact was not that good.
    just cool with the 3d
  18. Words of wisdom man take that shit to the heart.


  19. thats poibly one of the dumbest things i've ever read. Alcohol doesn't make your brain cells it just overwhelms your CNS and affects your motor skills for that reason.

    And no your not alone,i get those feelings occassionally
  20. Just pick your environments, dude. SMoking for you is a way to relax, ease your mind off your torubles, and float downstream. Nothing wrong with preferring that experience alone, or with some close friends. Weed can make oyu too aware of yourself, and what oyu do, and say, making you questiion your every action.

    So just pick and choose your experiences man, if you wanna drink to socialize, then do that. YOu wanna toke to just chill out, do that. Do feel pressured by norms, or the judgements of other people, just go with the flow with what oyu feel right and comfortable with.

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