Am I Abusing My Bonsai Mum? :(

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  1. I am using Black Gold potting soil and perlite at a 2:1 ratio.  I am in a .9L pot or .25 US GAL.
    I am growing it under my desk with a sheet over it.  Thoughts of bad ventilation have acured but I don't feel it requires a whole lot of Co2 right now.
    It's GHS Trainwreck
    It is a 27 day old clone that showed roots coming out of the rockwool on day 9 from cut.
    I was running 2 13w 6500K CFL's and just recently added another 23w 6500K.  The plant was showing signs of deficiencies before the new lighting I implemented.
    Its about 1.5-2 Inches from the lights.  Note that the small burn on the tips of the leaves were there before I took the cutting.
    I watered it the second day it was transplanted into the soil.  This was because there were not a whole lot of roots yet and the rockwool was still moist.  It has received water approx. ever 4-5 days
    The only thing it was ever "fed" was a bloom nute and a drop per gal of Super Thrive while it was day 3 from cutting.  This was supposedly to speed up root development? Idk... haha
    So yesterday I watered at 7.7 and runoff was 6.6.  Then I continued to give it a sort of flush I guess you could say and the next watering was 6.5 and the runoff was 6.5.  At this point I felt that I had to raise the pH of my soil a little bit.  Mind you I have never used soil before only DWC.  So I really have no clue what I am doing.  I put a drop of pH UP into some water and it brought the water up to 8.9.  I figure this was ok and watered. Trying to raise the pH of my soil.  Then I freaked out and thought that couldn't be good and then gave it another good watering with the 6.8 pH water again that comes out of my RO filter.  I kind of shake my pot so water comes out the bottom after giving it all that water so the pot doesn't become fully saturated.
    Temps are probably 80* and RH about 50-60.
    No BUGS or anything else going on that I can tell.
    I thought that the BlackGold should have enough nutes to keep it going and I assumed that it was pH corrected by the manufacturer so I thought it was going to be smooth sailing.  The new growth at the first 2 nodes is really green! But the new growth up top looks the same as the rest of the plant.  Oh yeah and I probably made another bad decision this morning by topping it.  I want to keep it short but I hope it does not stress the plant too much since it is obviously already stressed.
    At the first the stem started a reddish-purply.  Then the whole plant started to yellow.  If you look closely you can see that most of the yellowing is acuring between the veins.  And the veins are staying somewhat green.  The lower leaves have gone pretty much all yellow.  And the top leaves where the newest growth is have a very thin line of the reddish-purple on the very outside of the leaf.
    Anyhow whats up with this girl? It would be nice to save these genetics.
    Sorry my camera sucks.


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  2. If it gets too bad get a cutting and grow a new mother. However, I don't think it will get that bad. The yellowing, did that start before or after your 8.9 watering?
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    Before.  That watering was my effort to fix the problem LOL... Oh and I can no longer get any cuts.  I am week 4 of flower.
  4. I've heard of people taking cuttings up to week 8.

    Get it back down to 6.5 and give her some nutes.

    It looks like the yellowing started at bottom and is working its way up. If it started yellowing from the outside of the lower leaves, it's nitrogen def.

    Get ph sorted before adding any thing.

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