Am I a Loser?

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  1. Lately, It seems as if everyone is ignoring me. I'm 19 and about to be a sophmore in college. Nowadays though everyone i call or text or what have you, I never get a reply. And I mean never. I go skateboarding, mountain biking, arcades, shooting ranges, and of course smoking, and all that fun shit. But now I only ever do it by myself. I used to be the life of the party and I still get along with everyone I meet super good. I'm not a dick or anything in the slightest, but I'm starting to get the impression that I'm simply a loser. All my old friends still hang out with eachother, just not with me. 'Shit just happens after college' is what I've been telling myself, but I can't really believe it sometimes as spending every waking moment of my day doing things by myself is getting to me.

    And please, If you're going to be mean, just don't post. I need help, not douchery.
  2. I completely know what you mean!
  3. Bro jus find ppl wit similar interests as yu like find someone at ur college to toke up wit and be like u tryna go snowboarding or something if ur a cool guy the way u say u are ppl shud have no problem chillin wit u
  4. I'm in the same situation as you man. No, you're not a loser. Your friends are just assholes, which takes time to realize sometimes, to be honest. I used to hang with friends all the time, smoking and shit. Then, they all just started hanging out together more often and they don't text me or call me now. Shit fucking sucks man, but you just gotta know that it will get better.
  5. Odd, a similar thing happened to my friend. And me as well. I lost two friends who I was....well, good friends with for all four years of high school.

    This is really odd...
  6. I'm in the same situation bro, no body ever hits me up to do anything anymore. I only have maybe 1-2 friends that actually hmu and wanna chill. Hell one of my closest friends, whom i made my brother, stabbed me in the back and straight ratted me out to his parents for some stupid shit. Im telling you man, the world's getting colder and colder every day
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    Naw bro your far from a loser...I think now an then alot of people get to feeling this way..I think its just one of those parts on the journey through life to finding out who you truely are and growing as an individual..if the individuals you kick it with don't act like "real friends" in your opinion then go your seperate path no need for hard feelings in the process..If ya ever need to talk to somone man you can pm me bro :wave:
  8. Exactly what happened to me!

    My best friend of four years got caught by the cops when i wasnt with him and he got let off but told his mom he got the weed from me, which was complete bullshit, and now he doesnt even hang out with me.

    I know im not a dick or anything. Everyone that I actually do get to hang out with always has fun with me. And its not like I'm hideous looking, I'm no Johnny Depp but I'm alright so I know I'm not hurting their game.

    Just these days I suppose.
  9. you're just like me man, just keep skating, most people suck, or more sinisterly aren't people but mindless and soulless drones here to maintain a status quo
  10. Seriously, this is what i needed to hear I think. Thanks man, I really appreciate it.

    I guess I just gotta do my own thing and hope that my "real" friends have my back the whole way, and if not, I gotta just not worry and keep on trekkin.
    oh and +rep
  11. People are all becoming more self involved, the generations in which we live are all wired.

    I moved into a new neighborhood out in the country, still have neighbors and out where I lived before we all knew each other and families but we also went back several generations.

    I introduce myself to my neighbors offer assistance if they ever need a hand with anything and they look at me like I'm a foreign object inserted into their life in such a horrible way. Like how dare a stranger be nice to me!

    All my friends who used to go out, either go out and get drunk (not my style) or stay home and play xbox or work on their cars.

    Going out and kicking died for me about 4 years ago, it was tough but i do fine by myself now.
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    i find myself in the same situation. but then in reality, i realize, i operate at a much higher level than everybody around me. I honestly think they are all simpltons and i can mentally destroy them.

    so i find myself testing my sanity, and i still got it lol. stay posted up, and enjoy life as you want, fuck everyone else.

    the way i see it, everyone is missing out on something that could potentially help them for the rest of their lives which is knowledge and some of the best advice a person my age could ever give and still be considered a "chill" person.

    sorry for shitty sentence structure, im just not feeling like doing it lol :bongin:

    PS: since not chilling with my old "smoking group" they have all become users of harder drugs, scum bags, stealing money any chance they can get to buy a ten sack or what ever drug they are trying to get. generally grimey kids, i really dont need to associate with.

    I am contempt alone for now, maybe i will seek companionship when my sanity is close to leaving me lol

    also figured i would add it, reason i stopped chilling with them is because most of the time, we ended up sitting in a circle staring at each other while every did what ever drug they were doing, sat around in the woods all night sweaty and pissing into beer bottles and tossing it, i mean ill party in the woods, but not to then just fucking sit there in the dark doing NOTHING!

    and the fact i hate getting drunk every day, once a weekend or so sure ill get shit faced in a good environment, but na im good with only smoking weed daily...

    now the rambleing is over.... :smoke::smoke:
  13. I know how you feel man. Ive been stuck by myself a lot lately too. Relationships failing, friends backstabbing, some people Im glad are gone, some I miss. Ive been doing a lot to improve my life lately, changing a lot of my priorities. Not to close to anyone anymore since I got fucked over in my last relationship, but hey... I just gotta get out there, fix some of my shit, and eventually youll end up with a new group of friends. And stay in college man, I flunked out a couple years ago.... worst mistake ever. Trying my damnedest to go back.
  14. i know how you feel, im my opinion u got 2 options... either keep doing your thing solo or get new friends. i started fresh and got new friends but when your 21 everyone you meet is not trustworthy. people i known since i was a kid suddenly stop talking to me and started hanging out with other people i never knew they talked to. now im pretty much alone all day, except when my 18 yr old cousin wants to hang out. jus try making new friends.
  15. I know exactly how you feel bro. I used to think I had alot of "friends" a year ago. I moved home with my mom, witch is 15 mins away from town, and all of the sudden its "too far to drive" or "im just gonna stay in town because of the cops out there" (its pretty hot though) I felt like a loser for a long time when this started happening, because no one likes being sent like that...esp by your freinds. Now I have just reailzed that this alone time has been good for me as a person and without the influence of others i have been able to find a different part of me that i didnt know was still there. The part where i can like what i like becuase i like it...not becuase someone else said it was cool or someone said it was uncool so i cant like it.
    end rant...
  16. Your the winner your friends are the losers
  17. Nah man, you're not a loser. I'd love to be your friend, it sounds like you have a good time. Just keep doing what you're doing, make new friends; I know that can be difficult sometimes but you just have to sack up, you know? I can relate to your situation, just wish I had a wider variety of activities like you to chose from :p

    Stay positive man. :wave:
  18. nothin but positive vibes in this thread, nice! :smoke:
  19. Seriously, all of you guys have changed my mind about this whole thing. I love all of you so much (no homo). :p

    I'm gonna keep doin what im doin and chillin how im chillin.

    Hopefully I can make more friends in the near future and start actually enjoying college for something other than the fact it gets me out of the house.

    Thank you all sincerely.
  20. Hey OP, I am going through the exact same thing as you bro, don't worry you got a long way to go and you will meet a lot of great people. Some people aren't meant to stay in your life, but man up it's not like you can't survive without them

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