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Am I a hypocrite

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Fredbear, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. No you aren't a hypocrite. If I had it to do over again I wouldn't have started until I was older. We learn as we grow. A teenager shouldn't be using any drugs at all.
  2. I would have started at 18. Weed can be tough to balance with school and work if your young and inexperienced. Some people can do it but many cant. I dont think your a hypocrite but she will smoke it if she really wants to. IMO I would tell my kids you cannot smoke till your 18. then you can toke all you want

  3. thank you I will do so
  4. sit down, smoke a bowl with her, talk it over

    edit; if my parents did that with me when they first caught me, things would probably have been different. give her some understanding
  5. Sorry but that's bullshit. Parent's aren't supposed to be 'friends' with their kids, at least not until they are grown. We're supposed to raise them and provide them with discipline, love, and guidance.
  6. What you need to do is to know why is she smoking weed. And if she does know that it is harmless. Many younger smokers just smoke to be "cool" or because of peer pressure and they even think they're hurting them, killing their brain cells or ruining their lives. That's so wrong.
  7. It depends on the kid really, I have toked daily since 15 and managed to get good grades through high school. I don't regret a single second of it, I would have gotten depressed and got bad grades if I DIDN'T toke.
  8. This is very true, parents are responsible for making sure the child grows up healthy and able to take care of themselves and set them up to lead a good life, and sometimes this means being the 'bad guy' to their point of view.

    Personally I am not a parent but I imagine it's hard to not cave in to the person you care most about in the world but if I do have a kid then I will try and think of what is best for them.
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    There's absolutely nothing hypocritical about trying to stop your young daughter from smoking. The fact is, high school and weed really doesn't mix so well. I've been smoking since i was 13, i am 21 now, and ill admit, i made stupid decisions with weed in high school and really limited my options for further education. In my opinion, when you feel she is mature enough to smoke (and if she still wants to smoke), you should sit her down, smoke a bowl with her and have a good talk about making good decisions about weed and not letting it interfere with your life. Before you feel she is mature enough, then you have every right to keep her away from it.
  10. I don't believe you are. My dad said almost the same thing to me.. Except he said if I were to ever do drugs.. stick to MJ :smoke:.
  11. No, it's not hypocrisy. When we are younger, we do things we are not supposed to. As we grow, we learn more about the distinction between adulthood and childhood/adolescence. When we are younger, that line is a little bit blurred. We are growing more independent, we rebel, we try to overstate our maturity, we get cocky, etc. There are many reasons people choose to smoke when they are younger, but the fact of the matter is (whether a person turns out alright or not) minors should not be taking recreational drugs (AND we should be weary of ANY substance we put in our youths body, including many medicines).

    When you are an adult you view this situation differently. Especially, if you are a concerned parent. But even for people that aren't parents, many times they can also see why teens don't need to be taking drugs. The further you get from the age group we are talking about, the more you will understand the relevance of this discussion.

    No, it doesn't make you a hypocrite that you smoked as a teen but don't want your kid smoking. Because as an adult, you may now understand why teens shouldn't smoke.

    No, it doesn't make you a hypocrite that you still smoke and you don't want your kid to smoke. Some things are appropriate for adults, while they are inappropriate for teens/children.

    To your entire post.
    Sure, there is nothing wrong with cannabis, but there is definitely something wrong with letting kids smoke it. It's as simple as that.

    I absolutely agree, OSG. I believe we brought this up in a similar thread. Sure, if a kid doesn't get their way they might yell, "I HATE YOU!"...but they'll get over it.
  12. ya bro i think ur definitly a hipocrit, think about the very reasons u smoke...we all love it why should u be able to tell another person what to do...its like telling her what sport to play, if she wants to smoke in her life then its fine as long as theres boundaries...she has to get good grades...etc...the only thing would be that i would make her get a job if she wants to smoke so she earns the money for her weed that would be good for her...
  13. Uhhh....because he's that persons parent.
    Was that post serious? :confused:
  14. ya parent not the kid, the kid isnt hurting anyone why does he have to stop if hes a well rounded kid...getting good grades.
  15. Take her under your wing and show her how to be smart with it. Teach her all of the lessons that you learned the hard way. Good luck, and I know you will do the right thing.

  16. This is exactly what you should do. We have all learned what to and not to do. So why not share your knowledge with her so she doesn't end up doing something stupid.
  17. i dont think your a hypocrite i think your just looking out for your daughter. i dont have any kids but if i were you i would ask her why she smokes. if shes smoking to be in the "in crowd" then thats not a reason to smoke. but if she smoke because she likes it and helps her then i would say yes she can. for my kids there would be exceptions tho like if they can handle it and can keep all their grades up they could but if they were doing badly in class or couldnt get a job i wouldnt let them. kinda like getting grounded from pot.

    This is just my opinion, after all you are her father and until she is 18 then she is under your rule and you over all determine what she can and cant do.
  18. Because she's too young to be using any sort of intoxicants. Educating her is one thing, but condoning her drug use is not, and yes cannabis is a drug.
  19. This is what I meant when I said, "The further you get from the age group we are talking about, the more you will understand the relevance of this discussion."'s clear you are still younger.

  20. I hope you're including soda, candy, TV and radio in that too - all of which are far much more mind-altering than herb.

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