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Am I a hypocrite

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Fredbear, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. I have smoked most of my life starting around 13 and am 40 now. Well I have a 15 year old daughter who was caught smoking weed two years ago by myself. (no it wasnt my stash)
    anyway I have told her many times that if she needs to feel like part of the crowd (peer pressure) that she sticks with weed and nothing else.
    Having said that I dont want her to smoke it. Why?....... I do nothing bad happens to me. If I feel in my heart that smoking MJ isnt bad for me why dont I want my daughter to smoke it.

    Mabey in a few years Ill ask her if shes got any and sit and smoke....thatll be pretty weird since I have been hiding my usage from the family forever..........Oh they know I smoke occasinally but not everyday
  2. hopefully she doesnt brouse this forum
  3. Lemme ask ya, if she was 30 years old and happy and had accomplished the things she wanted to accomplish, and was taking care of herself, would you care at all?

    Maybe it's that with youngsters, there's an increased risk of misuse, (not just of weed but of lots of things, chocolate, video games etc...), and you don't want her to put herself at a disadvantage in some way. I'm not sure her age or level of maturity, but I bet the older and more mature she becomes, the less you'll worry that it's something that might impede her from progressing toward what she wants to be.
  4. This.
    Well put.
  5. Not at all thats what all parents want.....but right now shes 15 with no ambitions
  6. my parents didnt want me smokin at first, but over time i proved that i could manage it and that i was headed in the right direction, nowadays my parents smoke with me alot of the times that i offer. so i guess it depends on how u feel about how well ur daughter can manage it and whether shes capable enough to know wat is okay and wat isnt. just my 2 cents
  7. I dont think your a hypocrite, I knew lots of parents who smoke everyday while not liking the fact that their kid smokes. If I was a parent and had a kid that smoked, ill be more scared of the trouble he/she will get into from law enforcement/school/other parents. Also how easily just smoking pot can turn into something much more. If it was me I would only let my kid smoke in the house where its safe for them to smoke. Kind of like giving a daughter Birth control pills, you don't want them to be fucking but you know their going to eventually so you want them to be safe.
  8. This is all that needs to be said, IMO.

  9. exactly
  10. I always found it to be a sketchy line with toking parents and toking kids. On one side, you're a parent, and your kid is breaking the law. Despite your views on this law, it's still a law being broken, which warrants some kind of consequence on your part as a parent.

    On the other side, you know that weed is an extremely safe drug, that the law prohibiting it is stupid, and that you might actually be kind of happy that your kid is smoking.

    If it were my kid, I'd sit her down, tell her that you're not really "mad" at her per say, that you know exactly the position she's in, and explain to her why she has to be careful when dabbling with these kind of things.

    Growing up, my mother gave me the same talk, and only asked that I keep my smoking in my room, as to avoid police. She wasn't upset that I smoked pot, she just didn't want to see me get in trouble with the law in any way.
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    Honestly, yes that is hypocrisy. I think 15 is a decent age to be toking in this time and age. Don't let the psychology get to you bro... this society wants to make you feel guilty and like a terrible person for doing that, they use this weapon veryyyy slick bro.. don't let em shoot you with it because you know deep down in ur heart thats theres nothing wrong with MJ bro... its a question of are you going to allow yourself to admit this to your inner light and embrace it?
    forget, assassinate, dissolve, and eradicate the notion of these fake illusional boundaries/walls we put up like "she's a female, shes this age, and this and that"... doesnt matter bro.

    [ame=]YouTube - Rebelution- Suffering[/ame]
  12. Easy to say when it's not your kid.

    Are you a hypocrite OP? Well, no not really. THERE IS evidence that smoking pot at a young age can cause developmental issues. PLUS we all know it's a demotivator. If your daughter isn't up to snuff in school then she has no business smoking pot. Honestly at 15, she really shouldn't be smoking.

    Make her wait until she's 18.
  13. This question holds no weight if the original poster also smoked when he was a teenager. With that being said, this may be a good time to help her start prioritizing and teach her about responsibility by making her focus on bettering her life outside of marijuana (i.e. school, work, etc.).
  14. You are a good parent, not a hyprocrit. When shes 18 she can smoke like a chimney, but until then, shes your responsibility.
  15. thanks for all your input guys and gals sometimes you know the answer but you just need some back up...I dont think iam a hypocrite just worried.
  16. No you are not a hypocrite. People learn from their youth and try and help their children make good choices in life. It would be a good idea to have her hold off until she is 18 to smoke, because right now she has school to focus on and teenagers can easily misuse drugs no matter how mild. It would be better if she was a legal adult anyway, in all situations.
  17. bro ur not a hypocrite until she has straight As while toking. lol
  18. i dont understand what your saying. or im just stoned.
  19. I think you are stoned, sir. This gentleman is saying that he started smoking when he was 13 and has continued until his current age of 40 and is concerned since his daughter who is 15 just started smoking. He would like to know if he is hypocritical for being concerned.
  20. I think you're a good parent for being concerned. I would talk to your daughter about the risks involves, precautions to take and generally just educate her on the drug. The more she knows the safer she'll be with it.

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