Am I a hipster??

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  1. Hey bro,haven't you heard?!

    Skateboarding is for kids yo!

  2. Generation X=original hipsters
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    Hipsters are kids who think the image of being impoverished is somehow self validating.

    They are usually little kids who have enough money to buy the latest/greatest Apple products and thousands of articles of clothing from thrift stores, yet they will claim they are only rich enough to purchase Ramen noodles for lunch.

    This is not counting the exuberant amount of money they spend on American Spirits and Starbucks Coffee.

    They will proclaim to enjoy Goddard and horrible shitty books that no one knows of, (that of which, they never ACTUALLY read.)

    They are sad people. Very sad.

    They also think they have vast knowledge of the arts.

    They will watch shitty try-hard movies like "Rubber" and convince themselves that it was a profound experience when in actuality it is just some French director trying to act like he has intellectual/original thoughts.

    Hipsters will also adamantly claim that they are Atheists or Existentialists. Even though they have a very vague concept of what those two terms actually dictate in terms of human experience....
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    ^dude, Rubber was awful. I had to watch 20 minutes into that, and I was really blazed. Never again........

    I don't think it's fair to pin the idea of Atheism to hipsters though. There are a lot of Atheists, not just hipsters. I've hung out with some gangster, African-American Atheists.

    Atheism is a pretty solid concept that can been seen across many types of culture groups. You could find an Atheist in pretty much any group. Most people understand the "concept" of Atheism and Existentialism, even the hipsters you talk about it. It's a pretty simple concept. A few idiots might not understand the slightly abstract thinking needed to understand science and metaphysics however, so I can see where you are coming with that.
  5. Atheists and Existentialists are absolutely pathetic.

    They would rather submit their lives to non-belief and pointlessness than search for meaning. That is the most intellectually lazy thing you can possibly do, just be completely content with non-meaning.

    It is audacious. The ideas don't even need supporting evidence cause one could just say, "evidence in the matter is irrelevant because everything is pointless."

    Atheism and Existentialism are for people who deeply crave to be viewed as profound and original thinkers, when in actuality they are just outrageously unintelligent and more or less...lazy.

    I am no mathematician, but I can understand the most modern views of quantum theory, field science, and metaphysics with just a little bit of effort.

    To claim atheism is to just completely stand ignorant in the face of science.
  6. Vans are for skateboarding
  7. In the end, it doesn't really matter what people want to call you, just keep doing your own thing. What makes a hipster is when your pretentious about everything you do.
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    Are you truly close-minded as you type out to be?

    You're right. Atheism means a lack of belief. It is not a belief system, it is a lack of one.

    That does not mean that Atheist just say "I don't know! There's nothing!!!" to every intellectual dilemma they encounter. The exact opposite, actually. Christians are the ones that simply and whimsically say "God did it, the Bible answers it" to every theological inquiry.

    Most Atheists aren't just simply Atheists. There are philosophical and intellectual differences all across the demographic. Because that's what science and critical thinking is: diverse.

    Atheists lead pointless lives?

    Christians believe no matter what you do in life, no matter what horrible audacious crime you commit, all you have to do is say "Sorry God! I repent my sins!", and you get into heaven for eternity. A life of repenting sins to God in order to get into a fantasy realm for eternity? Now THAT is a pointless life.

    I'm an Atheist. A humanist, an altruist, a lover, a stoner, a thinker, a scientist, a helper, a dissident, a revolutionist. A thinker? I take that back, a philosopher

    Being an Atheist isn't some sort of intellectually-binding contract. I don't know where you got that idea from.

    Holy shit I'm high, holy shit your definition of Atheism is so wrong and misguided. I hope you can see the light of reason and science at some point in your life. I'm 19 years old. If you are close to that young age, you still have time to change such an irrational standpoint of Theism. Even if you're 50 you can start thinking for yourself
  9. Every hipster is in complete denial of their hipsterism and often refer to other as hipsters... pot calling the kettle black ass mf... I went to a party once they themed it hipster... all of them.. were already hipster... .. it was a mind fuck.......
    Im not into the labeling shit at all...... but they burned it into me....

    one identifying factor is they love to talk about hating Nickleback together.. its the equivalent of turning five and your hate for Barney solidifies your coolness.. so you talk about it all the time..
  10. Amen.
    I'd say I current fit into the "eh.. everythings pointless, fuck it, Im done digging.."
    That is, however, after years of all the searching, contemplating, learning goodness.. and a few too many trips to the looney bin. lol
  11. Buttt... I would say atheism is a belief system... You believe there is no all powerful entity... belief is the psychological state in which an individual holds a proposition or premise to be true.

    Being agnostic is the only option that is not a "belief". Its the absence of belief...

  12. Also swag fags and hipsters are very different.

    Swag fags wear baseball/basket ball hats, No idea what they are but they have american sports teams on them, they ride small skate boards, that are plastic, called 'pennies' even though faggots buy the $10 knock off ones making them even gayer. They wear kind of short short things that range from purple-pink-blue-green. And wear band shirts or singlets. That is a swag fag

    Google Image Result for

    the black man on the left is known as college hipster, obvious by the name you can work it out

    Ok now this is the ultimate hipster, macklemore, he's pretty dope music

    Google Image Result for

    Watch a song called Thrift shop by macklemore and then you would of found the birthing ground of 'hipsterism'

  13. Oh, yes, I definitely agree with that. I was just saying that being an Atheist or Agnostic doesn't dictate one's views on life.

    I said that because the other dude said Atheists think life is pointless and lead meaningless lives. I say there are some Atheists who lead mundane lives, and others Atheists who live lives as fulfilling as Socrates or even Jesus of legend.

    In best summary, I was meaning to get the point across that Atheists don't have rigid, structured beliefs and outlooks. This differs from religions that say what's right and wrong, or so called morals.

    But this kind of stuff is really meant for Pandora's Box, so we should probably stop talking about it and get back to good old hipsters.

    I bought a used lunchbox from the 60s at a thrift store today. Sometimes I invent my own names for colors. Also, one could say I was liking cool back when everyone was still liking plain things. :cool:

  14. You bought something from a thrift store?! Oh my hipster christ you so hipster. Your the hipster of hip hippy hip hip.

    Jus messin of course. :D I've bought many many a things from thrift stores. If you live in an area that has a rich section, goodwill is packed old but really nice brand clothing. I got a gucci sweater from the 90's for 2.50... shit looked like it was worn less than ten times...

    Lot's of rich folk in a certain part of my city, it works out nicely.
  15. Haha, good. I was hoping someone was going to misinterpret my sarcasm

    But I almost buy everything from thrift stores and good wills. It just saves so much $$$

  16. How would you define an agnostic atheist, the most common of the atheists.
  17. ok, eff this guy.

    if wearing different shoes make you feel more grown up, than good for you dude. my shoes don't mean shit, its my attitude that determines how "grown up" i am
  18. I own vans, and Kswiss, Nike, Alfani, Reef's, Uggs, Polos, AE's, Reeboks. Black, white, baseball, soccer, hiking, work, slippers and sandals. If at some point you only own one brand of shoe and don't wear anything with laces from time to time then that's your choice.

    But if you were worried about looking like a stereotype then find something made for working, not playing, for the proper occasions.
  19. who's worried about looking like a stereotype? and you go and call vans wearers "elementary school kids and starving musicians" ,then you go and say you have some Vans...whats your deal dude?

    ive got plenty of pairs of shoes too man, thanks for giving me the tour of your closet.

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