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Am I a hipster??

Discussion in 'Fashion & Lifestyle Trends' started by MaryNMe, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Idk when this "hipster" fad began. And the Swag fags thing, lol, it makes me chuckle.

    But It makes me think. Im an artist. I paint, I draw, I make my own clothes sometimes and my own furniture. I think Im just really poor and creative. But looking at it from the current descriptions, I think im a hipster. Lol
    Thats fucked up. I just love being myself and doing whatever I like and wearing clothes that I like and sometimes make myself. Wtf??
    Do people confuse artists with hipsters??
    Im not an artist like: hey im famous cause i have a talent.
    Im an artist because I paint how I want, i draw what I like, i express thoughts on paper and sometimes in written form. Im currently working on 2 novels.

    All this hipster talk though.. It sounds dumb. But if you think about it, artists have been around since forever.

    I grew up in Chicago on the southside, in Pilsen. Where dozens of hipsters now reside. Its funny to mw because I feel they have always been around. And I am one of them, but I wouldnt call myself a hipster.

    So what exactly is a hipster??
  2. If you're in love with yourself and you're a cunt, mixed with these things then you're proboably a hipster.

    If not you sound like a pretty cool chill guy.
  3. Ahhh Ok. Lol!
    Nah, definetly not a hipster then. I love to chill with everyone n anyone and dont care much about being "right" or in style or whatever.
    And I also love to blaze with all walks of life. Rich or poor, black or white. Mammal or reptile
  4. who really fucking cares haha.

    do you homie.
  5. i feel hipsters are those who think they are cooler/better than the rest because they arent like the rest who try to be cooler/better than the rest... its all a giant circle on applying attributes to peoples decisions in cothes/lifestyle
  6. As someone who has lived in Portland Oregon, Boulder Colorado, and Santa Cruz California i feel uniquely qualified to speak on this topic. Hipsters take old things, someone else's art and inspiration, and adopt them as their own style. They are not genuinely creative people. Instead they rely on the looks of past styles to define themselves. If you wear a fedora, thick rimmed glasses, a scarf, a slim fitting vintage shirt and clashing corduroy jacket, skinny jeans, and canvas shoes then you are most assuredly a douchebag. Not an Ed Hardy fratboy style douchebag, but still annoying and obviously unoriginal, doing what everyone else does to be unique...

    Generally, social groups defined by their fashion contain a distribution of individuals in relation with that of society, mostly dumbasses. While there are creative trendsetters who happen to dress like hipster baristas the majority of them are posers. Similar to the emo fad a few years ago, these trends come and go and a lot of people hop on the band wagon to fit in.

    What's important is that how you dress is what YOU like and how you want to be perceived. If you realize your genuine look is adopted by a bunch of asshats then it may be time to adopt a cleaner look. Myself, I am a 1950's Mad Men slash Barney Stinson type and I would wear a suit all day every day if I could without all the attention, because that's not what I want. So blue jeans, white shirt, Costco kicks, and a hoody. As a guy, our style is easy to get right, black and white suit, military uniform, or jeans and T. Vintage stores carry normal clothes too.
  7. Yeah It's just lame when you've been wearing "thick rimmed glasses" since middle school and all the sudden everyone's calling you a hipster 10 years later in college.

    Figures. Idk man... I'm a writing major, an artist (working on a graphic novel with some friends), avid photographer, and again... i've been wearing vans since ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. Just sort of sucks when people think your life isn't genuine based on how you seem on the outside. But hey, call me what you want, look at what I create... that's all I care about in the end.

    That's all anyone should care about in my opinion.
  8. My sister told me I wasn't cool enough to be a hipster. I didn't know what a hipster was. I'd been busy working 60 hours a week and birthing kids. It was very distressing to me that I had missed out on this whole new classification of peoples.
  9. Definetly bro. I like to buy clothes from wherever as long as i like the item of clothing. I have bought $50 shirts and $1 thrift store shirts. Its all about what you say. Cleaning it up if it looks too much like what everyone else is doing.
    I might have to cut back on the v necks though. I will go with long sleeve v-necks from now on.
    I totally agree with you on the posers thing and that this too is a fad.
    I recall in Seinfeld that Elaine once called Kramer a "hipster doofis". That shit was classic! Thats what I think about when people say "hipster".

    Thats what made me post this man. My style has been my style since I grammar school. Just wearing what I like. And all of a sudden I see all this stuff on fb and youtube about hipsters and Im like wtf??? Being original is a hipster???

    Youre such a hipster! Lol
  10. Hmmm a true hipster would never admit to being one...
  11. Then I have passed the test.

    Lol, I think what assured me that im not a hipster is that Im always welcomed anywhere I go. Thank God for that.

  12. i'm an artist. ;)
  13. Imo, a hipster is one who works at trying to be, or appearing to be hip...therefore, in doing so, is not hip at all....however, a truly hip person never tries to be hip, they just are....
  14. Just reading the title- you care too much man.

    In that case, yes you are a hipster.
  15. I think saying:

    "I dressed like a hipster before it was cool to dress like a hipster" is probably the most hipster thing a person could say.

    Grow up and buy some big boy shoes. Vans are for elementary school students and starving musicians who dress like teenagers.
  16. A hipster doofis

    J think Vans fall in with the category of Chuck Taylors (converse). Theyre ok if u are a teenager, but get serious about your sneakers when you grow up.
    I personally like some Nikes, the retro running shoes, or timberland hiking boots. Not those ridiculous ones u see in rap videos. Or just some casual steve maddens.
  17. ? I'm sorry, was my spelling off? Or were you correcting me that you are a doofis as well?
  18. I was referring to my old reference when I said that when people say hipster I always imagine them saying "A hipster doofis!"
    But yes, I was referring to maself! Lol
  19. Lol I missed that :p
  20. Oh damn. I thought vans were for skateboarding. Everyday, I use them for skateboarding.

    Must have missed that one. :rolleyes:

    May I ask what "big boy" shoes are? And if you post some fucking robin hood boots I'm going to give up.

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