Am I a dumba** for doing this or a genius?

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  1. I just germinated my 1 seed and put it in soil, then I sprinkled a little rooting hormone on the soil and watered... what should i do? Is my baby gonna die!?!?!!?:eek:
  2. Ummmm...what else do you have?

    Where is the pot?
    is it under lights?
    if so what kind of lights?
    how much did you water?
    what kind of rooting hormone?

    My best geuss is that you found a seed in your bud that you smoke and you decided...."hey, let me grow a plant"

    Sometimes it could be as easy as just that.....
    other times.....not so easy.

    Check out the following:
    BOOK: The Cannabis Grow Bible by Greg Green
    Videos: Jorge Cervantes Grow DVD's (You can find them on youtube)

    The following is great for a first grow for anyone

    Fox Farm Ocean Forest

    Advanced Nutrients Line (can be expensive)
    Fox Farm Line(budget friendly)

    NOTE: If you are growing outdoors the following information you do not need to read.

    Exhaust Fan:
    Each fan has a rating that tells you how many cubic feet of air per minute (CFM) it will move. When dealing with above average temperatures you will want your fan to exchange the grow room air 3-5 times in one minute, so for a room that is 40 cubic feet, a fan that is capable of moving 120-200 cfm (cubic feet per minute) is recommended. If you only want to replace depleted levels of co2 and are growing in a closet using fluorescents, one room change per five minutes (divide room size by 5) will be adequate.

    So depending on the size of the room you will need a fan to actually REMOVE the air....not just let it naturally vent

    HID - Metal Halid (Veg stage)/ High Pressure Sodium(flowering stage)
    CFL - Compact Flourescent (Cheaper but nowhere near as efficient)

    Grow Room/Tent
    You can search "" for grow tents.
    Depending on your needs you can get a small tent 2x2', but if you ever plan on growing more plants i would suggest going with a 4'x4' tent just so you have the space. Also a 600w MH/HPS kit would be more than efficient in there

    If you plan on growing in a closet always line the walls with mylar and ventilation is necessary

    >>>>>>> Outdoor Grow Journals
    >>>>>>> Indoor Grow Journals

  3. I used Bontone rooting hormone powder, and the plant is on my window ledge in a cup about the size of a coffee mug (its not by the way:D) and its gonna stay in the house until i get a 1 inch sprout

  4. Do you plan on bringing it outside?
    What region of the world are you in? United States?

  5. Im in the southern United States and yes i'm gonna bring it outside...I thought if I added the hormone it would help when it sprouts next week and i plant it in a gallon pot or in the ground
  6. Growing season is over in the northern hemisphere man. Can't do an outdoor this time of year.
  7. If you plan on bringing that outside you minds well just throw it out now.

    No matter where you are at in the united states you will run into frost.

  8. I can pull it in my house if it get too cold, i'll just put it in a pot:rolleyes:

  9. Also this time of year in the northern hemisphere the light schedule changes too. Which means there will be less light in the day. And that is not enough light to make a plant happy.

    Read up, and maybe in april you will be ready to grow

  10. Wellll im gonna try if this seed doesnt die, good practice if anything... get what i mean:confused_2:
  11. Thanks for the help man, even if it turns into a male i'm gonna try to grow it I think its a waste to just throw it out, id rather plant it randomly in a forest or somewhere instead of that. maybe thats just me

  12. Dont do that. What if somebody has a grow in the nearby area....all females?

    You plant a stupid male nearby and it fucks everything up
  13. I dont think that if I have a male in my house itll pollinate the females lol

  14. thats not what you just said though.

    you said,
    " id rather plant it randomly in a forest"

  15. I meant id rather do something like that then throw it away:confused:

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