Am I a dick?

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  1. I have been friends with this guy since we were in 4th grade. It was around January when I started smoking regularly. At first I didn't have a job so I would just go to his house and he always had some. In may I finally got a job and I have been buying a quarter bag two or three times a week, and I get it from him. I smoke almost everything I get with him and a couple other guys. I never ask anyone for money because it's really not that big of a deal to me. So the other day he starts going off on this shit about how it's customary to burn one with your guy when you get a bag, and he started saying I was a greedy dickhead. I asked him to help me push-start my car and he told me if I packed his bubbler he would help. This was after I packed his bong for him so he would have some for later. I told him only had about 2 grams left, and I wanted to save some for tomorrow. He started bitching and saying that I greedy and shit. Guess who I smoked the rest of it with the next day?

    Am i a dick for not packing his bubbler?

    Since I have started smoking, I have seriously only smoked 2 joints by myself. I smoke EVERYTHING with him.

    Just wanted to see what you guys thought
  2. Id find someone else to get it from. He seems like a dickhead. and a huge skeezer
  3. time to cut the chord.

    stay friends if possible ,but do your buying/smoking elsewhere.

  4. It sounds like your being taken advantage of. Forget that guy.
  5. I agree with Bliz. I generally buy the herb for me and my friends, and when I burn one without them they're cool, cause even if they threw in they know I pay by far the most out of the group for herb (not to mention all the glass is mine). And the "it's customary to burn one with your guy after you buy a bag" is bullshit, he's making money off you, it's customary for HIM to let you share a bowl before the purchase to see the quality taste etc... if he isn't matching forget him and find a new hookup.
  6. Cool. Thats what I was hoping to hear. I try to be cool about everything, but this kinda pushed it for me. Guess i'll just have to find a new hookup. I feel a little bad since we have been friends forever, but there is not much else to do.
  7. fuck him, he's the dick. you're buying quads from him and smoking the majority with him, and then he bitches you out over a bowl? fuck him
  8. If a dealer thinks Im going to smoke him out after I buy a sack from him he is nuts. He made money off of me, he doesnt even work hard for his money, and he has more weed than me. He should smoke me out, unless its one of those situations where the guy has to go above and beyond the call of duty to hook you up.

    It sucks when weed/money comes between friends.
  9. Yeah it does suck. Maybe someday he'll pull his head out of his ass. At least i know i wasn't the one being a dick now. Thanks guys
    I shouldn't have any trouble finding someone who isn't a dick to toke with.
  10. fuck that.. time to lay the pimp hand down...

    and get a new starter/battery for your car ;)
  11. Do you know how easy it is to sell weed?
    I do, it's really fucking easy.
    So why should a middle-man who's literally doing nothing but using a scale, tossing some shit into a zip-lock baggy, and meeting you to make profit..also get smoked out for free?
  12. Yeh man, Drop him. The dealer usually lets you test the product before you buy. Then, you can smoke up a J with him as a thanks for like a discount, great product, just to be nice every now and then.

    This guy is the greedy asshole. Find new friends to smoke with bro.
  13. Unless hes matching then you dont owe him shit. Thats like going to mcdonalds getting a big mac and then the person at the register asking for a part of it..damn im hungry
  14. Exactly. I had a friend JUST like that. He was like, " Man, you get my shit off of my brother and you don't smoke me out?". I was like man, I'm sick as hell and I just bought a fucking DIME, and you want me to smoke you out? I'm not even going to smoke this until next week probably. I hate greedy people, man. You can get weed ANYWHERE.
  15. yeah, its def. time for a new starter.
    also, I think its time to :smoke: a big fat one by myself
    thanks for the input guys
  16. fuck that, I never smoke up my dealer because they are always weird as fuck, and they shouldn't expect you to. He's making money from YOU.
  17. Man it depends, that guy....FUCK THAT you dont got to be an ASSHOLE over that shit...the people i get from are chill and laid is so tight that he gives me he wont use his scale and just hook me up with some nice ass buds with just looking...ill weigh it later and its always more than what i pay for, but he isnt stingy and hes my boy...that kind of people ill smoke them up. If the guy is demanding it and being a dick, doesnt sound like someone i would want to smoke with period, let alone buy from
  18. Sounds like your "friend" is a real jewel.

    Seriously hes being waaay to greedy.
  19. I know the type. Like cool guys, but they smoke you up, hook you up, it always amazing an cheap, an then the price gradually goes up an you never end up leaving their place with ANYTHING left. Find someone else and when you smoke with him only bring what you are willing to smoke.
  20. sounds like HE'S a dick to me, last night i bought an ounce, while i was there my guy offered a few bong rips, which i graciously accepted and thanked him for. i'd say find a new guy to get from.

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