am i a bad person for this?

Discussion in 'General' started by angstrom, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. i punched a guy and he went out cold and it scared the fuck out of me and i ran away as fast as i could. i dont know exactly what i was thinking, but i didnt know if that guy was ok or not. i didnt wanna face the consequences. i saw him on the ground with is eyes closed and the only thing i could think to do was run.
  2. why you knocked him out
  3. why? he was advancing on me and pushing me and spouting a bunch of ghetto gibberish. i thought i was gonna get stabbed.
  4. If you felt like you were being assalated (sorry drunk) then its fine bc you were threatend. Nice on knocking him cold just let it blow over and hope you don't see him again don't feel bad it happens every now and then
  5. You're not a bad person. He probably deserved it. Should have made sure he was okay, but not every is perfect all of the time. Was he with anyone? If so, then it wouldn't have made much difference anyway.
  6. i woulda knocked him out too
  7. no pic no proof
  8. See, the Trayvon shit is getting to you too...Fuckin a.
  9. Shit tyrone, get it together
  10. Hes fine. I'd be proud of myself if i knocked a dude out like that who was tryna start shit

  11. thats a good thing.

    ya we were hanging out in a group, so they made sure he was good. i think i heard him yelling in the background when i called my friend, so i guess its all good. im just worried cus he is a self professed gang banger and i dont want a gang to descend on me.

    i just feel sorta fucked up cus i didnt make sure he was ok. i really dont remember caring.

    and Chris, i was tooootally thinking about that! like, i knew if the cops found out they would totally skrew me and try to call me a rascist cus of the trayvon martin stuff.
  12. sounds like some crazy sexual maneuver.
  13. its when you sprinkle salt on ur tooshie. the things that turn people on these days...

  14. Yeah, because the first thing I'd think of if some random person came up on me and I knocked them out in one punch is "Damn I better snap a picture to show the blades on grasscity."
  15. If he was really being a dick and starting on you for no reason, I think you still should've at least rolled him onto his side and then fucked off. But I wouldn't wait around and call and ambulance or anything.
    Also props for knocking him clean out. That's badass.
  16. Holy i'm glad I don't live where that sort of shit happens enough to be called 'now and then' lol.

    I'm pretty sure you did the right thing op, why wait for him to wake up and really come after you..

    Hard for me to give advice never had to hit anyone before.
  17. Where did you hit him specifically?

    If you felt threatened its okay. I'm assuming you have a couple witnesses too so your in the clear.

  18. hahaha assaulted i dont remember posting in here for that i thought i did ok

  19. hahahaha as a once meat head hanging with meatheads and seeing meatheads all the time, it happens, dont even fight anymore though :)
  20. Sounds like you hit him once, he deserved it, and he took a nap. Next time rest him on his side so he doesn't choke on his tongue before you run.

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