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Am getting ripped off?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by InSaN3, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. This dealer ive been going two for about 6 months and the prices i hear that most people get for there bud is nothing like mine. here are his prices

    1 gram of shwag $20 i really need to get a scale cause my friend tells me its a gram but the dealer just says $20. it usually lasts a lot longer then when i get a gram of dro or some other commercial strain.
    $25 for commercial(super silver Haze, O.G. Kush, etc.)
    im really confused why for five dollars more i could be getting a lot more quality.

    my friend just tells me its a gram of shwag but i think theres at least two.
    but if im getting ripped how should i confront him?
    he does coke and always carries a gun and i know he will shoot somebody just by aggravating him.
  2. Why the fuck would you pay 20$ for a gram of shwag?
  3. i would not do any business with this person anymore. I dont care where your from $20 for a gram of shwag...damn. not to mention he sounds a bit hostile..
  4. Whoa.

    If I was you I'd cut all ties with this guy cause in Florida, Crippy is 20 a gram and crippy is dank as fuck.

    Shwag is like 4 a gram or so?
    Either way, hes charging WAY too much for shwag and he has a gun!
  5. dont be stupid, get a new dealer.
    its not really worth questioning someone like that, or at least someone you described.
  6. yeah your balls have been in his vice for 6 months.. schwagg here is 5-10 a g... good quality is 15, and chronic is 20... but im from prices may very? buy a scale and whip it out infront of him and make him use that. bring a roll of nickels, so you can prove its calib. right. if he doesnt use it, youve found your answer. just tell him that he lost business, and youll go elsewere. dont fight or say something stupid, thats how you get jacked or ass kicked. GL dude.
  7. Since when is being given more than you expect a bad thing? If it's lasting longer than the higher quality bud, it's got to be 2 grams, since gram-for-gram, the stuff with more potency lasts longer for me (and most.) But yea, avoid coke dealers with guns if you can. Just a tip.
  8. if he's always coked up and carries a gun i would stay away from him even if he had legit prices
  9. i didnt say for sure it was 20 a gram for shwag. my friendwho hooked me up with this dealer said that but the dealer didnt. but when i pay for $20 for a gram of shwag i get a lot more than $20 worth of dro. my friend said you get more shwag than dro by the gram cause its less dense but ill probably stop going to him. i met this guy last night that could get me some really good kush for 120 a qp cause hes best friends with the guy in charge of the grow op, so iim probably now for sure leaving that guy.

  10. haha yeah true..
  11. #11 Saint Dogg, Aug 21, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 21, 2008
    $20.00 for a gram of shwag is outragous... I suggest you find a new dealer and ask around to find out the real prices for your area from stoners you 100% trust...

    A roll of nickels is a bit much... a US Dollar bill weights 1g so you can just use that.
  12. Around here a quarter of schwag goes for $25
  13. thanks for the help i appreciate it!
  14. holy shit!...time for a new dealer
  15. my boy hooks me up.
    $5 = 3 grams of shwag.
    $20 = 1 gram of headies.

    you are just some new kid smoking the herb and this wannabe dealer is taking all your fucking cash bro.

  16. You are getting ripped.

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