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always fall asleep during movies!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by gbdsst, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. whenever me and my friends toke and watch a movie, i always end up falling asleep before its over. granted we start em pretty late, but they still manage to stay awake. how can i stay awake longer to finish the damn movie gc!!??
  2. Yep. Weed will do that.

    Try and keep up some form of conversation throughout the movie, helps keep you awake.

    Take Bong breaks and toilet breaks to break the long periods of chill.
  3. Don't do it too late at night? do it like an hour earlier. Also be doing something like drinking/talking and you will probably stay awake.
  4. Some people def crash more than others, i have a friend who always falls asleep even if its like tv for 10 mins at like 11pm.
  5. It happens to me when i start to down buzz. Get the high going again
  6. lmfao sawl good. my friends made me watch scooby doo and finding nemo in one sitting. we smoked like 5 grams between 3 people and i didnt last. i was sitting on an insaneeeeely comfy couch and i just passed out.
  7. Hehe yeah i couldnt watch movies for like the first six months of me smoking.
    If i put one on after like 9pm and im smoking, ima fall asleep.

    Now days i can sit there all night, smoking and chillin in front of the tv... but i find now that im used to it.. I dont feel as inclined to do it all the time :p
  8. Try watching a comedy none of you have seen before. The laughter will keep you awake
    if it's a good movie.
  9. Do like we old farts do and take a nap before going out.:confused:
  10. put in some effort to actually pay attention so your mind is stimulated so you dont fall asleep. You sometimes have to actually try.
  11. Quit watching shitty movies?
  12. most of the time naps make me feel really shitty
  13. you gotta smoke in small increments, and stop before you get to that sleepy stage
  14. Don't start it so late, smoke a good sativa, don't lay back, caffeine or energy shots.
  15. I saw The Day After Tomorrow in the theaters twice

    Once with friends, once with a girl

    Fell asleep twice
  16. See something trippy. Your not gonna be napping through the Ring II lol or Blair Witch Project

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