Always alone in the midst of men

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  1. I return to dream with myself and give myself up to all the force of my melancholy. What madness makes me desire my own destruction? Without a doubt, the problem of what to do in this is a burden to me because I feel no pleasure and everything is affliction to me.

    It is a burden to me because the men with whom I live and will probably always live, have ways as different from mine as the light of the moon from that of the sun. I cannot then pursue the only manner of living which could enable me to put up with existence, whence follows a disgust for everything.
  2. can you not leave?

  3. Bull. I do it just fine.

    Are you only going to post depressing threads today?
  4. And I'm lonesome when you're around
    And I'm never lonesome when I'm by myself
  5. you probably just have to take a shit
  6. Im finna make a satirical thread about your emotional ass threads.
  7. im a poet

  8. or you like to copy and paste Napoleon quotes

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