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  1. Anyone know a way to dry your buds without hanging them up? I really have no good place to hang then atm and im worried about the smell. Would putting it straight in a mason jar work or would that cause mold?
  2. DONT put it straight in mason jars. and yes it would cause mold cause of the moisture. itll still be alive. when you dry it you are pretty much killing it a clean way o.o.


    get a box. get string. tie string across somewhere inside the box. tape up the bottom side of the box. and the top part. you know how you can close it by halves. close it all the way, and cut a quarter out (1/4 of a square if you get me) so you can reach in and hang the buds. it doesnt smell much, i did it in my room. and voila.

    and if you are "worried" try to disguise your box. be creative.

    dry buds are better than moist buds. good luck.
  3. I've heard of a few people putting them directly into jars but 90% of them end up forgetting to burp the jars on time an by the time they go to do it mold had already started. I wouldn't suggest it. U don't necessarily have to hang them plenty of people just lay them out with circulation. As far as smell goes...where did u grow them? Wherever u decide to dry them make sure u have circulation, but don't blow the fans directly on the bud or it will dry to quickly
  4. Use a net or screen to dry them! Don't let your harvest go to waste b/c they NEED the proper drying time.....THEN they can go into jars. Otherwise, you might as well not have grown it!
  5. quick dry method:

    put the weed across the envelope.

    tape the envelope to the back of the tv.

    wait a couple minutes nd VOILA!

    should be dry nd ready to smoke.

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    Oh wow I didn't even think about that. That's probly what ill end up doing.
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    They r growing outside now so im just thinking ahead cuz by the end of September ill have some nice buddies. They gon be fire

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