alternative curing methods

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  1. what curing methods are available?
    Hanging in a closet is most likely not available to me due to smell.
    I was considering mounting 1 or 2 computer fans to a large cardboard box with metal racks in it to dry out the buds.. do the buds need to be completely vertical to get a thorough cure?
  2. That would be drying, not curing. Curing is when you put them in a fridge for a month or so after drying, in an airtight container.

    A method for drying that seems like it might work, would be putting the buds in the microwave SHORTLY. Now, I would never do this because imo it makes the bud taste not as fresh, but if you are short on time and its the only way you can do it, its your only bet.
  3. yes you can dry in a box. you need air circulation for sure but you don't want the fans blowing right on the bud. and no, the buds don't have to be vertical.
  4. ^As noted above, drying and curing are discrete steps.

    Your box-and-fan idea for drying should work fine.

    The easiest method for curing is after the buds are properly dried to put them into glass jars. Don't stuff them in, keep it loose and fill no more than 3/4. Seal the jars. Leave them like that for as long as you want, at least a week but the longer you cure them the mellower the taste. While they are in the jars you need to "burp the buds" by opening the jars for 20-30 minutes per day. That's it.
  5. you can place marbles on the bottom of the jars to increase air flow for less chance of mold

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