"altered states" movie

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  1. Anyone like it? I heard its very good .. anyone? from what i kno its about a guy tryin to find meaning of god and he does this shit in water w/ a blindfold and somethin in his ears not to hear nething and hes floating and after a while he looses track of time and starts trippin out then he uses this drug that indinas use to find the meaning and trips the fuck out and then combines the water + drug trip in to one ultra trip and goes crazy..

    idk if thats right or not but ya sounds intreasting
  2. It is an excelent movie, has William Hurt in it (one of my favorite actors) If you have seen A history of Violence he is the Gangster brother Richie (Jesus Richie!) Anyhow, it is about how he (being a scientist) is studying cellular and genetic memory, and trys accessing them by taking lsd and other hollucinogins from mexico while in an isolation tank, towards the end some wierd stuff starts happening so I won't say anything, just check the movie out, especially if you have tripped in the past or want to do sometime in the future!
  3. have tripped.. planning on dosing 1/8th of mushies 2 hrs before watchin it too!
  4. It was a good movie for it's time. The special effects are definitely old school. Check the IMDB's review and user's comments:


    Interesting theme going on... it's a sensory deprivation tank that he's floating in. It's designed to deaden all sensory input (sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell). The theory goes that if you cut off all sensory input, what you have left is pure mind... and if that pure mind happens to be under the influence of a hallucinatory substance, there's a whole connection to the past/present/future that can be tapped into. Some interesting work while it was being researched...
    but nowadays, there's very little being done with sensory dep tanks.

    The movie should be viewed from a "what if..." viewpoint and not a "this is reality" viewpoint. In that light, it's a good flick.
  5. I saw it.
    When i did, I thought it wasn't a huge sci-fi flick. I thought all the stuff he was going through, he was hallucinating. I think it would of been better if it wasn't so science fiction, imho.
    But i really liked the concept though. The isolation tank looks so cool, and even when he's not on drugs he trips from his lack of sences. It's great. I'd love to try that out some time..
    Good movie though. Good concept, but like i said, wish it wasn't so fantasy-like.
  6. damn that movie was fucked up .. glad i didnt do it on mushies tho some parts were a lil intence and i could see a mushie trip goin sour after watchin this movie .. then again some parts like the last 15 / 20 mins id love to trip ouot on..

    i say everyone should see this movie .. fucked up ;...

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