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  1. ok so i want to make a perpetual garden, which means i'll get a harvest every 2 weeks or so, anyways i'll be sog'ing it and the flowering part of the cab will be 5feet by 5 feet, i was wondering if 2 400 watters will be enough or if i should go to the two 600's
    for the cloning section i wanna use 160watts or so of cfl's and i plan on having 9 clones in there at a time 3x3 for this section
    the mother section will have roughly 300watts of mh lights the area will be 3x3 for the mothers

    thanks guys
    i wanna try to get about 3oz's every two weeks
  2. I think your gonna need two flowering areas, or like a step up for the smaller plants in flowering.

    Otherwise I don't think your every 2 weeks plan is going to work for you.

    Most strains that are fast take like 4 weeks in flowering alone, and some take much longer.
  3. I guess before I could answer your lighting question...What kind of ventilation do you have set up?
  4. you put 5 new plants in every two weeks, at the end of the first 8 weeks you do your first harvest then after that it'll be a harvest every two weeks, not flowering every two weeks.
    ventilation is gonna be a vortox 200cfm for the flowering room and a pc fan for the clone part that is 55cfm and for the mother i have 3 pc fans 55cfm also
  5. 2 600 Watters might be pushin the heat in a cabinet but im not sure.

    2 400 Watters with the right ballast should be sufficient, especially since your doing SOG grow.

    Let us know what you go with and how it turns out....Pretty please.

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