alright man im confused about her!

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by french_toast, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. im freakin out right ex girlfriend is making me want her back! i moved away n shit and we broke up a few months ago but stayed friends. i was getting kinda tired of the way she acted and there were all these troubles while i was with her with me n her n my friends and all that and it was makin me sick.

    but now.......idk..i think im starting to fall for her...AGAIN. it happened once before when i visited home and saw her and we talked our way around that becasue we both felt the same but we both wanted to move on. but FUCK!!!!!!! now i feel like i want her back! its pissing me off because i couldnt handle her shit near the end of our relationship and i wanted out, but now i think i want her back.....but i DONT! wtf im freakin out! idk what to do. gahhhhhhh WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK!

    i cant do long distance.......i just couldnt handle not having a gf physically there. but i also couldnt handle what she was putting me thru, only because i wasnt strong then but im on anit-anxiety/depression meds now and i feel great, i can say what i need to say without bitching out. but my friends fucking hate her...beyond belief. if i dated her again, all the arguments would go back and fourth and i cant handle that! mother fucker!

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