Alright dudes I desperately need some help with something

Discussion in 'General' started by feudalism, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. If somebody here can remember the nineties better than I can maybe they can recognize this shirt for me. It's making me nostalge in the back of my mind somewhere but I don't know how.

    The shirt I'm talking about is the one on the girl with the colorful men and shit.

    +rep for help

  2. Fuck now you got me wanting to know, I remember some of this
  3. Fuck i remember that but i don't but i do somewhere. :(
  4. I would wreck her 90s vagina
  5. bump for hjelp
  6. Lmao, damn I miss the 90's. It looks like a kids show of some sort
  7. I know the show that the pictures from clarissa explains it all.

    The shirt though, I thought it was in living color, but after checking some shit I'm not really confident in that answer.
  8. did we really dress like that? D:
  9. Is that Kimmy?

    Looks like kimmy, but probably isnt Kimmy.
  10. I believe you're thinking of full house

    That's Melissa Joan Hart in the picture, AKA Sabrina the teenage witch.

    Edit: wow is this info useful to anyone? why do i remember this shit?
  11. i want that kids hat.
  12. theres so much 90's in that picture

    i want that shirt tho looks pretty fresh
  13. [quote name='"Silemanx"']did we really dress like that? D:[/quote]

    Haha, I really hope not. The 90's were crazy, too bad I was only 7 when they ended :(
  14. so any idea on the shirt?
  15. look at those jeans clarissa was rockin. i'm glad those things died out in the 90's..

    no idea about the shirt...
  16. Got it!

    It's a design by Keith Haring. Here's a site with some other designs by the same artist, though they don't have that exact shirt.

    Also, I'd almost forgotten how very neon the 90's were. :poke:

  17. Thank you so much!
  18. awesome thanks...was buggin me too :p those used to be all over the place back in the day.
  19. I never knew what they were from before now either. Never really thought about it I guess.

    I learned something new today. :D

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