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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Smoke me Up, Oct 22, 2003.

  1. Alright so I have about 45seeds of normal bud not a bad smoke...I've read up alittle and I have 5 in an area with lots of light a few near a creek where the soil is softer and closer to teh water then i have like 20 germinating in paper towel(getting some J cloth soon and see hwo that works) and then about 20 still sitting in a bag...I'm experimenting with indoor germ-outdoor growing may keep a few plants inside...I've read some of the guides but...some suggestions what to do with all these seeds? ideas? fast/good ways of growing open to anything right now..I've read most of the guides but prefer a direct answer
  2. Its too late to grow outdoors now unless if winter dosent frost up where you are. Take them indoors and either veg them indoors and put them out i spring and harvest next fall around a few pounds a plant. or you can take what you have now and flower them indoors and just take some clones from teh girls for the outdoor grow.
  3. ya I was mainly planning on growing inside.. but I have a few outside to see how it goes. normally the weather stays fairly warm to january then it drops and we get lots of snow late Jan early I was hoping I could see a few products of outdoor growth before it really hits...knowing my luck we will probably we one early frost and it will kill them all-basically I just did the rest of my seeds tonight I have 35 inside germenating..and say maybe around half actually start to grow so like 17... I'm betting it be pretty hard or very expensive to keep the smell down unless you have it in a sealed box? which would be logical
  4. just build a carbon filter and put it in the grow room and smell should be contained.
  5. you prefer to build then buy most things don't you? what's the best way to build one...and what was my other question...uhh ohh right pounds...indoor compared to outdoor big difference per plant?
  6. yea i love working with my hands:D this is a good design. It can be applied to smaller setups by using a 5 gal bucket with holes drilled with a large dia hole saw or just jig saw. Also you can buy a fitting to hook up to a 4" duct or pvc pipe (pipes are more quiet but rigid) and have one on each end of the bucke one inlet and one outlet going outdoors if you have a stinky strain like white widdow or just have close pesky neibors.

    Outdoors you can just grow bigger.
  7. a 5 gallon bucket will get you how big in feet? i bet it's rare but would you ever need to go over a 5 gall bucket?
  8. are you talking about outdoors? if you are then a large plant in a 5 gal bucket can become rootbound. teh main problem with buckets is they dry out fast and your plants will need watering every week or so.
  9. was talking about indoor actually but i think I after this first crop I'm going to buy some seeds and try and get a 4week goin like hydroponics...and i'm guessing the only way to get it down to 4weeks is with clones?
  10. i dont understand what your saying, 4 week what??
  11. hydroponics as the user...ohh my fault meant 4week harvesting...that's the quickest i've been people harvest on these threads it seems they just make up for it with massive amount of plants
  12. 45 weeks and teh buds arent big at all. You will need 6 weeks minimum to get potent buds. wahy would you only flower for 4 weeks though? ive never heard of anyone ever doing this beffore you have to go though the steps to grow and yo cant just 1/2 teh flowering time for no reason. once you do one grow you will understadn teh buds arent crystaly until the last 3-4 weeks of flowering and as they get closer to full potency the glands get big and blown up with THC.
  13. alright then i guess either my reading comprehension sucks or I misread something about clones taking four weeks to start flowering or something basically i was like hmm i could grow for a long time and get heavy plants or I could grow alot of plants for a short time and just have a steady flow
  14. o ok im sory i though you were saying to flower for 4 weeks and just have allot of plants to make up for the fact they all have low yeilds.

    So clones take about 4-14 days to root and then anywhere from 1-4 weeks of veg. It depends on your grow style if your going hydor you can veg for anywhere from 1-2 weeks till there nicely sized soil plants grow smaller and the less optimal your soil is, the slower the growth will be. The norm for soil is 3-4 weeks for SOG.

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