alota strange shit happening to me

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. so today i was driving around fillin out job applications n i was drivin down the road n saw a dude look at me wit the hitchhiking thumb, so i turned around and pulled up to the stop sign n told him to hop in cuz he was jus goin right down the street about 3/4 of a mile, and after he introduces himself he goes "you smoke weed man?" n i told him yea, n he pulls out a fatass bag of these super dank ass lookin buds n i ask him how much a cut is, n he tells me 40, well i was broke so i got his number n asked him if he fucks with any other drugs n he was tellin me he gets coke n crack, and that he does everything except heroin, so i got a new oldhead connect for cheap fire weed.

    life isnt gettin necessarily much better, but its definitely gettin interesting to say the least. wonder what tomorrow will bring

    oh yea, it'll bring my fuckin embalming fluid, so i can get fried n murder my family
  2. Haha. That's awesome man.

    Oh, and I would suggest not killing your family. Prison doesn't sound to fun.
  3. Yeah, plus we'll start calling you Menendez.
  4. I like how he makes posts saying "My dad just gave me $5 for ciggerates and he almost find my crackpipe!! teehee I almost got caught!" and now he's trying to kill him.. so who's going to give you ciggeratte money, food, a house? It sounds like you cant make it on your own because you spend all your money on drugs and rely on your parents to pay for the bills.
  5. ^^actually, no ones gonna give me food cigarettes or a house as of the 30th of this month, i'm gettin kicked out, go read the bottom of my other thread about the ultimate blunt loop, n the whole reason he's kickin me out is cuz he wants me in the house at like 11oclock at the latest n i like to actually go have fun, so i'm "disobeying his rules" n he's all pissed cuz he gotta answer the door for me, but wont give me a fuckin key

    oh yea n i managed to break a lightbulb in my hand today n dice the fuck out of myself, blood was drippin all over the floor, i dunno y i wanted to break a lightbulb in my hand, but my dad was pissin me off so i jus squeezed it real hard n made it shatter all over the kitchen
  6.'re tough

    and not to be a total prick but it is his house....why cant it be his rules?
  7. man I wish I could just find random homeles guys to sell me super dank cheap weed :smoking:

  8. Or anyone else for that matter :p Seriously tho, when I started reading this all I got to read was ' alot of strange shit happening to me' then my screen shut off....totally freaked me out...:D
  9. thats sucks man... but killing people is discouraged here. i think.

    don't hurt lightbulbs.
  10. Thats some Cheech and Chong shit man.
  11. Haha that movie was on comedy central today.

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