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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by UpstateToking, May 11, 2011.

  1. Hey guys I started smoking a lot alone recently. Such as before I used to always ask my friends to hang out but now... I just enjoy doing it myself because of all the repeated obvious reasons (conserves more, personal space, etc.)
    But after about 2 weeks I'm starting to feel very lonely. It's only before I get high I feel this, not after.
    Anybody else like this?
  2. Sometimes I feel like smoking alone, other times with friends.

    I do both almost every day.
  3. Being high and lonely is awesome!!! you can be dancing naked anywhere doing random shit while eating oreos & ice cream :D
  4. We are all alone, getting high just helps you see it.
  5. i hate smoking in groups unless everyone is chill. usually i smoke alone on the week days and smoke with 1 or 2 friends on the weekends. i like smoking alone best but it gets boring after a while if thats all you do
  6. yeah man we are social creatures!

    i like to smoke by myself like once or twice a day
    the rest with friends.

    i always need to balance the social life.cus back then it would be party party party no alone time and it would fuck with me.
    now im chilling by myself a few times a week cus it saves cash, conserves bud and it makes me think harder on what to do with my friends while spending no cash.

  7. Ill smoke with my buddies, if all the talking and laughing gets old ill go for a drive and get some munchies. On the way ill smoke a joint or two. Smoking by your self for to long isnt good. "But after about 2 weeks I'm starting to feel very lonely. It's only before I get high I feel this, not after"
  8. you shouldnt be fake around your freinds man. Thats why there called freinds, because the vibes click and you make eachother happy.
  9. Some weeks i'll be hanging out with my friends alot, then figure i've been around them for a while, have a week (or two) for myself, then do it again.

    In all honesty, I like smoking with my girl or alone. I usually get anxious about driving and i'm usually the DD, since I don't drink. In my room is nice and sex. And most of the time bed = sex. :smoke:
  10. I smoke alone like 95% of the time but I play video games online with my friends and we use mics so it's kinda blazing with other ppl too. havnt playd lately tho coz FUCKIN PSN IS DOWN

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