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  1. Hey guys, This is my first grow and would like to get some help here, how much longer does anyone think she has, She's almost 6 months old. Used no nutes just Foxfarm ocean forest and poland spring distilled water, I know the yield wont be big at all but This plant was a great experiment, anyways How much longer do I got

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  2. The basic rule of thumb is to get a jewelers loupe and look at the trichomes "crystals" on the buds to judge harvest time based on their color. Chop the plant with mostly clear trichomes, and get a less potent, clear headed high that wont really fuck you up. Harvest when most of the trichome heads are milky white, and you will get a more potent, energetic head high. Chop the plant when you have mostly amber trichomes, and you will get a very heavy narcotic like body stone.

    I generally chop the plant when I see about 20-30% amber trichomes. This gives me the highest potency, and a very balanced high.
    From the looks of things though, you're getting really close, but the plant could still stand to go a couple of weeks longer. You'll be amazed at how much the buds will fatten up and frost up as they ripen. You wont be disappointed bro! :smoke::wave:
    Hope this helped you out!
  3. Awesome man thanks for your advice, I had estimated about 3 more weeks anyway, What about drying,
  4. 2-4 Weeks, depending on your preference, what strain is that?
  5. Awesome thanks, and Dude I have no idea haha, a buddy grew some stuff last year and I found a few beans. So I have no idea haha
  6. Gonna be dank dude, congrats!
  7. Almost ready :D

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  8. yeah buddy wait about another 3 weeks and you'll have some potent homegrown! looks like some funkkk
  9. I say another week or 2 at most! You rock dude!:smoke:
  10. Right on guys. Really lookin foward to burnin 1. Been a long 6 months of waitin haha
  11. 1st...your buds look awesome.

    2nd...I agree with a couple more weeks.
  12. Awesome thanks, and yeah I rather wait n get danker buds than chop it and not even get high. Hope i don't fuck up the cure. Wish I knew what strain or what it was haha.
  13. Aw man that's so pretty!
    I'd say you give it another week to flush, and then leave it in the dark for ~48 hours and pull em!
    How long they been flowering for?
  14. Did you use lights to grow or is this a window grow?
    Justwondering how it went so long without ripening 6months long time for indoor
    Great looking bud Smoke away! a few more weeks also/
  15. naked I couldnt tell ya. Probally like 9 weeks. And this plant started as an experiment, i used 1 32w clf bulb for 3 months than I decided I wanted to start growing so I invested in a 400w hps and a 1000w. Is that what you mean
    Welcome to the club
  17. Im getting a handheld microscope to check the trichs. Will 45x be enough?
  18. My 4 dollar thing I ordered from Amazon is 45x and it's perfect. Even has an LED light built in for darkperiod viewing.
  19. Probally the same 1 I just ordered haha. Thats awesome Im pumped
  20. Probally the same one I just ordered haha Im pumped

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