Almost ready to flower!!

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  1. Ive almost got all my stuff together and ready to flower these beauties. Cant wait to flip the switch. Giving them another 2 weeks to fill out the scrog net before the switch. They are doing very well. Cant wait to see buds start to appear. Show me your recent flowering plants. 20190802_155536_HDR.jpg IMG_20190802_160055_017.jpg
  2. Is that a support net or ScrOG screen? I don't think it would make a good ScrOG screen because its not rigid enough and the holes look very big. I recommend a steel mesh screen with 2' holes for a ScrOG screen.
    But it would work just fine as a support net
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    This is my ScrOG screen
    IMG_20150313_170417_zpsbelokghf.jpg IMG_20150408_015713_zpseuk5eqbr.jpg IMAG2631_zpsmbuydeel.jpg IMAG2648_zpseoskqwkf.jpg
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  4. Nice grow man! I'm at the end of week 9 of flower sog in coco. Sorry for the light, I just took this yesterday. Been flushing one for a week now and the leave haven't started to yellow... not sure why. They still have some time, just checked tricromes and there are no amber. Really can't wait for them to finish, I've got 12 clones ready to go in at any time.

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  5. Wow those look amazing!! What strains are flowering in there?
  6. Thanks man! Sad to say, all are bag seeds. I have been looking into ordering some, but I just can't decide from where. I would really like to try autos.... especially after this grow going so long lol.
  7. I need to order some seeds again. Havent in a while. But luckily im from Canada and we have lots of seed places here

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