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Almost ready for harvest trichomes n flushing help??

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by jayjay5396, Dec 21, 2012.

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    Hi i got an adult plant almost ready for harvest her trichomes are mostly clear or cloudy and some amber how long should i wait before flushing?

    please tell me how to flush, my weed don't taste right???
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    hi there bud its best 2 start flushing your plant,s 10/14 day,s before harvest that,s what i find best for me just clean fresh water will be fine and your trikes should be cloudy / amber trikes should be sucked in also u will no if she is ready for harvest your trikes should be 80 percent amber and 20 percent cloudy hope it helps and all goes well
  3. hi just one or 2 is amber mostly cloudy or clear i guess a few more weeks??

    my idea of flushing is simply over-watering drenching it with water everyday untill it dies then cut it dry and cure it thats what i did last time yeah the weed effect was good but tasted like shit you guys wouldnt even smoke it its that bad but the effect is worth it. maybe i do something wrong i dunno but never tasted like weed need to get it right this time i want better tasting buds
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  4. It tastes bad because you're not really flushing it, just killing it. Start feeding it just plain water from now on and when you're ready to harvest cut the plant while still alive. There is no need to flood the plant and kill it.
  5. thats where i went wrong then, rather than flushing why dont they just say no more feed it be easier to understand i was under the impression that flushing was over watering basically flooding the plant at the end.

    thanks for clearing that up i wont do it that way again. it was fed last week ok so just normal watering now then till 80/20 happens
  6. 80% amber is a lot it's all about your personal preference I like about 20%. What kind of nutes and what strain is it? Reading that guys post again I think he meant the pistol hairs 80/20 because trichs don't "suck in". Wich makes more cents to me.
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    its sour diesel feminized, i like my highs relaxing n floaty not too high dont really like that much just enough to feel good. last plants felt good just the taste was horrible its like smoking leaf but the strength is still there.
  8. Sour diesel is 90% sativa 10% indica 78-80 day flowering time. Most people do not let there sativas get to amber.
  9. ive cut it down now its dry, the trichs were amber n foggy the effect is good it always has been but still tastes like smoking leaf not bud.

    am gonna try a different strain.
  10. Better trimming less leaves less leaf taste
  11. What light you use? If it was cfl odds are its because it is all leaf
  12. If u just cutit down its gonna taste like shit. You gotta dry it properly and then cure it in Masson jars.
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    its a 400w HPS, i trim all the leaves during dry n cure theres just the flowers left n it tastse like smoken leaf my bud is really good but tastes like crap

  14. thats what happens if you dry it too fast. a good dry takes something like 3 weeks, 2 weeks are minimum for a decent smoke. the buds are supposed to dry as slowly as possible without molding so that all the bad burning bad tasting chlorophyll and stuff gets broken down. you can also notice huge differences in the consistencies of stems inside the buds depending on the drying time - a stem thats dried fast will have strong fibers inside that a grinder wont be able to manage, while in a well-cured stem those fibers will be very brittle and the stem can be easily broken up.
    anyways, just check out the harvesting section, everything you need to know has already been written down.
  15. Agreed, leafy tasting bud is from drying it to quick. The slower the better in a cool room. Also trimming after they are dry rather than before makes it taste better. You trim them before they are dry and you are just hacking off trichomes and making them dry more quickly, which is not what you want.
  16. For how long are u drying ur buds?
    And for how long are u curing em?

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