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    So i ended a month long t-break 2 weeks ago. Been smoking every few days since. Bought a dub of some brick the other day, smoked a j while fishin, and kept the rest for this morning.

    Woke up this morning, smoked 1 j, went and made out with this hot fucking chick before school. After that I smoked a second j, the rest of the weed, and headed to school.

    School was good, watching a movie first hour so I decided to draw. About 30min into class, I finished my drawing, and looked up to see what was going on. All of the sudden I started to feel light headed. I tried to calm myself down, slow my heart rate and control my breathing. I decided to lay my head down on my desk. After about 5min I was sweating, and Extremely light headed. This happened for about 40min. It really sucked. So..

    Did I green out or something? This has never happened before. I've had plenty of nights of all out smoking, wayyyyy more than 2 joints. Could the t-break have lowered my tolerance that much? I've smoked more than at one time in the past 2 weeks, so 2 joints should be nothin. I don't want this to be another "Laced weed", but is it a possibility? The first joint., nothing like that happened.

    This just really sucks, I want to know what happened, it totally killed my high.

    Thanks blades.
  2. i wouldn't worry about it too much, as you said it was brick, you get what you pay for but maybe you were dehydrated?
  3. Try standing up when that happens, the blood will rush to your head.
  4. What you are describing is a drop in blood pressure. Did you eat enough? Have enough liquids? You sound young and your BP is probably low (if you're thin, it's probably really low) on any given day. Weed lowers it some more and so does lack of food/liquid/stand/heat/hard work. Since your body is no longer accustomed to making these adjustments to stabilize your pressure (it's out of practice because of your break in use), you felt it.

    My advice? Take good care of yourself and make sure your basic needs (like food and safety) are being met, before sex and weed. :) Sorry if I sound like your Mom. Be well.
  5. Addendum:
    Just read Hamtori's reply to you. Do NOT stand up- all your blood goes to your legs. Sit down or lay down. Geez.

  6. Ahh, i didn't think about this. Today was one of the only days I haven't gone to the gas station be4 school. Damn... well that's probably the cause of it, because I hadn't eaten or drank anything since I woke up.

    Well thanks blades!

  7. Do you know what gravity is? :rolleyes:
  8. Shit happens. If it keeps happening, then you should worry about it.
  9. BRO I BELIEVE YOU HAD A ANXIETY ATTACK wouldent worry about it
  10. I would be more worried about the fact that a quarter lasted only 3 j's worth, rather than the panic attack you just had
  11. ive sat up quickly and got so dizzy I almost passed out. Dehydration,weed,an other drugs im sure was the cause of this
  12. Now that I think about it, it was only a dub. I've been getting quarters lately, so I probably just didn't think about it.
  13. how long were you looking down for? if you were slunched over your desk with your head down for 30 mins, and then suddenly look up, you will feel really light headed. i used to suffer really badly with it (i did pass out a couple times) after sitting down i'd stand up, get really dizzy and pass out for a minute. could be that :confused: I doubt you greened out, that normaly happens instantly...and you probably would've puked.

  14. Im pretty sure thats from the sudden blood flow too the head.

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