Almost got robbed over a dime

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  1. yesterday i sold a this a bag of schwag that weighed at 3.5. It turned it that 2.2 of it was beaners so i said i would hook him up. I re-uped on some mids and was going to sell hima 50 at 7 grams. When i asked for the money he said no and tried to run but my friend grabbed himbut let go. I was stuck in by a snowbank while my friend chased him.

    The kid pulls out a long knife and threatens to stab him but my friend scared him into giving him the weed back and getting in the car. I gave him a gram becasue he wouldent stop bitching then kicked him out my car. were gonna beat his ass tomorrow.

    over a fucking dime.
  2. I think if somebody pulled a knife on me..
    I would beat them to near death.

    Just because of the disrespect.
  3. That shit sometimes happens when your in the dealing game
  4. jeez, kid pulls out a knife over a dime? hes got some serious issues.

    but in all seriousness, kick his ass. That fucker pulled a knife on you
  5. Yes, kick his ass by all means.


    If there was any justifiable time for self defense it was when he pulled out the knife. Now to go looking for him to beat him up, you're not doing anyone any good.
  6. not to jack your thread or anything but not that long ago in my old neighborhood a 16 year old boy stabbed his girlfriend (she died in the hospital) over an argument over a dime.

    If anybody pulled a knife on me they would get an ass woopin quick after I disarm them.
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    and fuck the mother fucker who buys seedy weed then gripes about it when he finds a nug full of beans, it should be taken into consideration when buyin regs that beans & logs are a "freebie"

    An ok I didnt read the post. More than half an 8th in beans is lame
  8. Tell us how the ass kicking goes.
  9. Why in the FUCK did you give him anything? Should have just kicked his ass out of the car... while it was moving....
  10. Ill admit im not much of a fighter but i straight up told him id hook him up after that shitty beany bag. Now im just pissed and theres no reason for me not to try and fight him.

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