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almost got caught stories

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by chrisalmighty, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. whats your best story about how you almost got busted toking? mines kinda lame:
    i was hitting a bowl with my buddies in the woods by a construction site when this guy walking his dog spotted us and chased us with his dog into the site. we got away but we heard sirens all nite.

    anyways whats ur story?
  2. One time I had a joint in my car and they didn't search it after an accident.

    Countless times I've been smoking in my car and a cop car pulls in the parking lot, I just dip the fuck out and they never pull me over. It's pretty badass to say the least :smoke:
  3. hahah nice i gotta learn to roll better j's i only hit the bong and my one hitter now but joints feel more classy.
  4. My brother and I would smoke his bong in our basement. One time we were high and the bong was hidden behind the cat's litter box. Keep in mind our cat has been an outside cat for 3 years now. All of the sudden my dad was like I need empty out this litter. I have no idea how he didn't find it
  5. i was hitting my homemade steam roller made out of a pringles can and socket, anyways my moms boyfriend(i still live at home)came home and i heard him come in so i put the shit away and after about an half an hour right fucking b4 i pull my peice back out, he comes in my room. i didnt smoke for the rest of the night.
  6. Sorry I cannot share my incredibly successful ninja tactics.

    As you would use em, and then years later cops will know what to look for or rather, not to look for ;)
  7. smoking a joint whilst walking down the stair case of my apartment building only to have just thrown away the roach, turned down the next stair case and id just finsihed blowing the last of the smoke, when my mom came up the stairs. scary shit.
  8. Funny story, true story! I had just left the gas station close to my apt i brought a pack of blunt wraps and a bic. So im chillin grinding my weed, getting ready to roll up when i hear a knock at the door. I rarely get guests so I'm wondering who the hell it could be and guess who it was? a fucking cop.. well i proceeded to trip i threw the wraps in the garbage, and put the weed in my protein powder on the fridge. I finally answered the door sweating like a dog nervous as hell, and the cop just stares at me then he finally says are you _______? Im like yeah then he says here, you left this at the gas station. it was my wallet. :laughing: so i laughed a lil bit took my wallet told the cop thanks, and proceeded to get blazed. haha :smoke:
  9. My "actually caught" story is i got booked last 4/20. Smokeless 4/20, im on probation now and it fucking sucks. Fuck smoking on 4/20 for now on, fuck it ill just smoke on my bday which is 10 days later on 4/30.
  10. I was just smoking on my roof (still live with my parents) they walked in my room and asked me why i was on the roof. (I was smoking a joint) my back was turned and I put out the joint I crawled back in the window and said i was looking at the stars. They didn't bust me but they're suspicious. IDGAF though
  11. This isnt my best one but its my scariest. One time me and the homies all picked up 4 grams and we smoked about a gram so we each had 3 grams left and we went to vons to get munchies and we bought them and left and started walking towards the back to get home and we decided to stop and eat and then 3 security officers pulled up and just about when i shit my pants it turned out to be my old homies moms ex
  12. another one i thought of, this happend a while back but anyway, i thought i was gonna be able to stay a friends house that night so i ended up getting high as fuck, then my fucking mom called saying i have to come home, i get there and just go to my room and went to bed. later, like a week or 2, while we were fighting about some stupid shit i dont remember what it was about but she was like, i know you were high that night, or something along those lines...
  13. I got a couple:

    One time me and a couple buddies were ripping a home made mini bong on the side of a rail road. We didn't know there was a house that could directly see us (lol) and they came outside as my friend took a huge rip. they threatened to call to cops but we ran.

    Second one:
    Me and three other friends (when I was 14) hot boxed a sailboat (fucking awesome...) and shared an 8gram joint (no typo). My mom called to come pick me up coincidently RIGHT after we finished. She took one look at me and said you looked stoned and that I smell like a "campfire". Never got caught
  14. When I was younger I was about to start my g-bong sesh when my mom knocked on my door. I planned on starting the sesh earlier. I didn't even smoke that night.
  15. Haha this one might not be the scariest but funny.....actually happened a lot before my mom REALLY knew that i smoked weed.......... Come home, go in kitchen start makin food(was very ripped and my eyes used to get really red) my mom comes in and we talk about shit thats happenin around town and shit and what were havin for dinner or somethin. and then she just randomly stops her sentence and is like "your stoned!" hahahaha and i just deny it but she knows lol :D :D :D :D
  16. One time I was with my friend smoking in the woods when suddenly we heard people around. The voices were getting closer to the point that we were hearing walkie talkies and seeing flashlights. I never ran that fast in my life!! We got out of the woods, ran in the streets, and ran at my friends place. Luckily it was not very far.
    We were paranoid the entire night thinking cops would show up at the door, we were always checking the windows, we thought they were around searching for us... buzzkill...

    Needless to say I felt quite badass running from the cops that night.

  17. HAHAHA whats a chill mom. my parents knew but never wanted to tell me hahah.

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