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Almost got caught by stepmum! What now?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dreamchaser5, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. So I really don't like my stepmum. She knows that aswell because she use to be incredibly mean to me when I was younger whilst being very nice to her kids. My mum died when I was 7, moved in with dad and stepmum when I was 9. Now I'm 20 and I smoke weed. This was not a problem for the last two years because I lived away at University where I regularly smoked no problems. Now I'm back for at least the summer maybe longer. I still smoke weed but go outside to do so. When they ask, usually the stepmum, I say I went to chill with some friends. Although I have always had my shit together in terms of school and so on, she thinks I am basically a drug dealer. She hasn't said it to me but She told one of her kids who then told me.

    So my question is Should I stop smoking weed and wait till I move out or just say fuck it? She hasn't caught me smoking even though I frequently do but she thinks I'm a dealer. I can hide the weed, smoke it, enjoy it and not get caught but everytime I go out she thinks im doing something dodgy and I don't want to make a habit of telling her where Im going all the time. If she catches me she will go bezerk and pretty much alienate me from the family because she has always looked for a good enough reason to do that. Apologies for the length

  2. Just say to your step mom "suck my chubby I'm 20 and can smoke if I want to I don't sell drugs I just buy them" she can't really do anything your not her kid & your 20 lol
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  3. I can't give there that ammunition because I can do without the headache that would cause. However, I can't just back down because I value my independence. What I'm thinking about doing is maybe bury my weed, lighter and rolling paper in a forest nearby because I'm certain that soon she will go through all of my stuff. I will keep going out until she gives up asking and then go back to smoking, should take about a week
  4. You're 20.
    Leave stepmum's house.
    Get your own place. Do what you want. Live as you please.
    You're an adult now. No longer stepmum's little stepson.

    By the way, I had an evil stepmum myself.
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  5. I wouldn't bury your stash just get a safe box with a lock and key and put your stash in there they don't cost a lot and she won't be able to raid your shit, damn your step mom sounds like a bitch my parents are pretty chill about Mr smoking weed they just tell me to go outside and not to smoke in the house :smoke:
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  6. I know, I have been living out for the last 2 years. I need to get an internship this year. I had an interview on Friday which went well so I might be gone within a month or two most. Either way I will defo move out. The problem is for the time being I need to get her out of my case. Granted she doesn't want to but do you think ignoring her and giving her very vague answers about my whereabouts will make her think she can't win and make her give up?
  7. In the case of my evil stepmum, she never gave up and felt like she had to have complete control over the house.
    The day after graduating high school, I was gone, never to return.
  8. Problem is that might increase her suspicions. Also, she is very childish. When I was in the later years of high school I use to stay afterschool to study before the exams. She though I was bullshitting and selling drugs then. I wasnt even smoking weed. We had an argument about what I did afterschool with my dad/simp in the room and she started crying like wtf. Childish with too much power, what she says goes or shes asking for a divorce/getting what she wants. Is it worth the risk?

  9. I'd move out tbh she sounds like a pain in the dick that you don't need:laughing:
  10. Yh mine likes to control as well.Probably why she hates me because I allow her minimum influence over me. She cries divorce when things don't go her way. Anyways I'm done with her bullshit, as long as she doesn't find weed which she won't then she got nothing.
  11. Just. Wow.
    Your old man actually puts up with this?
    What a treat she is..
  12. That's exactly what I was gonna say lol.. you're not her kid, you're 20, and it's fucking weed tell her to chill the fuck out

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