Almost Fought My Dad

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  1. My dad's phone wasn't working for some reason, so he ordered me (didn't even ask) to call t-mobile for him. I tried some troubleshooting for him at first, but it still didn't work. So I call t-mobile and I'm trying to deal with their obnoxious operating system, meanwhile my dad is yelling his social security number out to me from our back patio, since t-mobile requires it. We live in a town-home community where people can hear everything you say, and he's repeatedly yelling out his social security number. On one ear I'm trying to hear what the operating system is asking me to do, and on the other ear my dad is screaming out his social security number, telling me to write it down. I only needed his last four digits, and I already memorized them, but he kept yelling them out from the outside repeatedly, and telling me to write it down. I didn't have a pen nor paper near me, and I was trying to deal with the operator, by literally speaking to the operator and telling her the brief reason for my call. I put the phone to my shoulder and said "Dad, that's not information you should be yelling out from back there. people can hear you." And he starts fucking yelling at me, saying he doesn't care and that he's losing business, and some other stuff I couldn't hear, and he starts yelling at me to write his ss number down.
    So I am feeling very disrespected at this point, so I get up and I say "Dad, if you keep yelling at me from outside (all of our neighbors probably heard him btw) I'm going to hang up on T-mobile." I couldn't handle it anymore. He said "put the phone down, you're no help." and started yelling at me for not writing it down, like yelling at the top of his voice from outside. I hung up the phone and yelled back his entire social security number, since I already had it memorized, and screamed "I had it memorized already, I was trying to help you" and he said "Just leave it alone, you're no good" so I got really pissed off all of a sudden and started walking towards him, yelling, and now he was standing by the doorway with his mouth shut watching me walk towards him. He looked scared shitless, and my mom managed to jump in the middle and push me back to the stairs. I ran up and slammed the door hard as hell behind me. 
    Get this. My sister comes in and says you need to apologize to dad. She wasn't downstairs when it happened, but she heard most of it, if not all of it. I don't see why I should have to apologize to the asshole for any reason. I don't even feel like seeing him tomorrow morning, which I will, let alone apologize to him. This is the second time I almost had to fight my dad this year. During spring break he was yelling at my mom and threatened to hit her because she found out he cheated on her, and kept bringing it up. I had to run in when he cornered her in the kitchen, screaming at her. He used to beat me when I was a kid, and now I'm bigger than him and he still throws orders at me and acts like captain fucking Kirk. I know he loves me and all, but he can be a real prick sometimes, and sometimes my temper gets the best of me. Ugh I feel like shit about it all now. So stressed  :confused:

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    Just try to be more patient, and not react if he's provoking you.  He sounds like he's very tightly wound, so just try to not get upset when he's in one of those moods.  
    I know it's hard sometimes, but you'll be out of there and on your own one day, so try to make the best of it while you're in their household.   
  3. Yeah I don't even really live here, I go to college in a city two hours away from here, I'm just here for the summer, for my mom. The last time we almost fought I was visiting for spring break. It's going to be a hell of a summer. 
  4. Well, I'd strongly advise against fighting, under most circumstances, even if you could win - unless he was hitting your mother or something and you had no choice.  
  5. dont let petty shit get to ya
  6. Don't fight with your pops.  I kinda did once and wish I hadn't, he instigated it but I knocked him on his ass and feel so bad about it ever since
  7. Im a tall skinny kid who doesn't look like much but I can do some fucked up shit in a fight and Im afraid of very few folks but I would never take on my dad even tho he's almost 60 hes a big fucker, my height but almost twice my weight and way stronger. We trained tae kwon doe together and I know he could hurt my ass. He is my friend but we have had some serious issues as he was a drinker and has some deep issues that will never change. I came to except that until one night when I was trying to give him advice and he just kept unloading excuse after excuse. I went off. Never went to hit him or threatened to hurt him but I got seriously intense and just straight laid into him with the facts of what he had done to our family and never broke eye contact. I was livid. It was really weird to me after I went off instead of his usual yelling and ager defense he would lay into me that I expected, he said nothing, backed up and went to his room for the rest of the night.  I had no idea what was wrong with him. The next day he told me that the look in my eyes was that of somebody who was ready to kill and he feared for his life just because of how I looked at him. We haven't had a major fight like this since, and I never told him the truth about what I was thinking that night. Its the only time I ever let my emotions push me that far with him but the scary truth is I was thinking exactly what he saw in my eyes.
  8. you guys let little shit get to you. You shouldn't be fighting your dad unless hes being abusive or something, if hes just being a dick screaming for nothing let him know.
  9. And for god's sake please dont post it on here. Thank you.
  10. Lol man i can relate to you op. I bet it was not just this incident that got you steaming mad but the 19 years of shitting fathering. Me and my dad fight but im usually always cool about it and ignore him. That stuff about your mom i wouldnt let slide, i would have beat my dad silly if i ever heard or thought he was gunna hurt my mother especially after he cheated.
  11. If your dad hits your mom, it's your responsibility to jump in there and teach him a lesson. Other than that, don't hit him. But my personal opinion is insult right back. I was raised on the golden rule "treat others how you'd like to be treated"
  12. I'd throw down with my dad , but that foo has hands for a 65 year old aha
  13. One time I bought some lotion because my face gets really dry after showers, and so I took a shower, dried off then opened up the cabinet where the lotion usually was and it was missing. So I started looking around the house to see if I could find it and I found it in my dad's room next to some wadded up paper towels and a portable DVD player with headphones still plugged in. The bottle was half empty.
    Not making this shit up. 
  14. Well you do have his ss #.. Steal his identity and ruin his credit :D lol jk man but I know what you mean. Me and my dad used to get pissed at each other over the dumbest shit, but I would hate fighting my dad. One of two things happens, he wins or you win, but either way the stress it would put on your relationship just wouldn't be worth it.
  15. Kinda sounds like he deserves a swift jab
  16. Yeah problems may lie other spots of your familoy solar system. The fighting may be a symptom.
    Two sides of the street.

    And don't hurt ur pops you'll feel bad.

    Reminds me of my teen years

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  17. You should have gave him the People's elbow.
  18. I felt like shit about the entire thing this morning, even though it wasn't really my fault. I'm usually one to take responsibility and apologize, but there's no way I'm apologizing. I haven't seen him yet today, but I will soon and it's going to be really awkward. Thanks for your posts everyone, I really needed to vent a little and write it out to people who would listen. 

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