Almost died from being stupid about smoking bud

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  1. Well, here's my story... About 2 years back, in October 2006, I had gotten a bowl full of some of the most amazing bud I have ever smoked... But the bowl never got finished, I got it from my sister's co-worker, we had to pack up the camping gear and never got time to finish smoking... So I got to go home with almost a 1.5 gram bowl of this amazing pot, fairly ironic that it almost killed me... But anyways, I smoked the first half of this bowl out of my bubbler, but I wanted to stretch how much I had, so I left half in there

    Here's what almost killed me: When I left that half bowl in the bubbler, a drop of water was still in the stem when I put it in the case I had for it. This drop of water caused some mold to form on the bottom of the bowl with the weed. Anyways, I'll never forget how the hit was when I took it... it was kinda rough but a really weird kind of tingly at the same time, unlike any hoot I've ever taken.

    Anyways, long story short, I went to a walk-in clinic once my lung capacity was reduced to about the size of a sandwich zip-lock bag... The doctor actually called me stupid for waiting for 45 minutes in the waiting room, and told me if I had waited any longer to see a doctor, I probably would have drowned in the fluid that was filling my lungs... He thought it would have been about 2 hours until I would have drowned.

    I was rushed to the nearest hospital where I had to have my lungs drained of mucus............. The moral of the story, grow your weed cleanly and without mold... And NEVER EVER leave pot in the bowl of a bong where the stem is attached to the bowl.

    It was quite a fucked up experience for a 17 year old to go through.

    P.S. Even when I was sick, I kept smoking cigs and pot... I've since quit smoking cigs
  2. Oh shit, mucus in your lungs? That's terrible man, when I clicked on this I was expecting something else, like you'd done something stupid when stoned. Lesson learned though eh my man? The closest I've come to dying because of weed was when I was in Cardiff and the roads were super busy. I just didn't give a shit and ran across without thinking and got hit by a car.
  3. lol frogger style, and to the OP that's some trippy shit. I had no idea moldy weed could mess you up like that. good to hear your doing better.
  4. wow, that's so shitty... Ironically I've only been hit by cars when I'm sober.... I really just don't give a shit sometimes and I've been hit 24 times... twice at 60 KM... but never broken a bone.... Weed makes me more careful around roads, I kinda like it

  5. 24 times?! I think you need to take a personal safety crossing guard around with you, that's insane. I get pissed off with cars when I'm sober, because I think "well fuck you, I was here first" and I don't quicken the pace when I know a car's coming. It's pretty stupid actually.

    Props to you for never breaking a bone though, that time I got hit in Cardiff I broke my arm and chipped a bone in my foot.
  6. Ya, but it took a long time for my lung capacity to get back up to where to used to be... it was just this Febuary that my lungs got back to being 100%
  7. LOL.... you're not the first to recommend it, and yes, I have anger issues too when I'm around cars... Just last month I got into a fight with a cabby in a near by town when he cut me off (I actually had the right of way)... I kicked his cab... my dad was there with me and told me to just keep walking... unfortunately I'm too much like my mother

    Luckily I make it a habit of mine to wear steel toed boots just in case the accasion arises :p... but I was only wearing my chuck taylors when I kicked the cab... Stung a bit, but it wasn't too bad
  8. I think it's something to consider :p I don't kick cars. I have stumpy little pieces of crap for legs so it wouldn't do anything. I've been known to slap it though. God, I am such a girl.

    I'm also too much like my mother...I'm the violent one :)
  9. Lol... Actually, most my friends know me as someone who almost never gets mad (except with certain things).... But once I'm mad... Lol, heads will roll

    And at least you do something about it, most people just stand there like idiots
  10. That's true, no need to be a pussy when you're facing a ton of metal coming at you at high speed :)
  11. Lol, when you say it like that it makes people like us seem stupid :p

    Maybe I am stupid, but oh well, instinct and adrenaline are a fun combination :D.... Especially behind closed doors ;):p:laughing:
  12. It is pretty stupid, and stubborn. Never mind, just try not to get hit again yeah? :p

    You're talking about sex right? Right?
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    lol... Haven't been hit since before I turned 18... June 19 2007 was the last time :p

    And HELL YA!!!!....... In my opinion sex and weed go together like nothing else.... I'll never need viagra when I'm old and grey cause I'll have Honey Oil :p
  14. I agree completely. The first time I was high and had sex was awesome. I was super sensitive cause of the weed and could feel everything a lot more. High sex is a million times better.
  15. uhh, about the original post: moldy bud is definately the worse danger bud will pose to you, aside from having sand on the buds. you learned a lesson, but it sucks you had to learn it the hard way

    about cars: some pedestrians here will walk over the hood of cars that stop in the crosswalk when pedestrians have the right of way.. it's pretty funny :)
  16. lmao thats awesome
  17. Sand... sand is silicone... the lighter temp can't do anything to that... otherwise you could never have a glass pipe...... unless I'm missing something, which is a definite possibility
  18. Agreed :p

    P.S. Yay, I made a friend on GC... lol... On a random side note, I'm going to go start a new thread on the sex board about honey oil being the next viagra :D
  19. lmao go go go

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