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  1. I have no idea what happened to a few of my pants. I went away over labor day for 3 days, left light on, door open and fan blowing to keep my box at the right temps. My plants had been growing great the entire grow (2.5 weeks at that point). I come back and my plants had gotten much larger and some were finally showing signs of nute deficiency (yellowing on edges of leaves). I watered monday afternoon with nutes. Found out on wed that when I add nutes to the water it lowers the PH a decent amount, so my pre-adjusted water was likely too low. I completely flushed on wed., and had not done anything yet. Now 2 plants are VERY droopy and and leaves are dying/dead and falling off. Some plants are thriving, mainly the smaller plants. The plants that are having problems were my best growing plants originally.

    Did I over water? Its sunday now and not watering since wed. it all being under 400 watt hps (did start doing 18/6) lighting on thursday. Is it something else?


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  2. the leaves' droopiness comes from overwatering most likely, i'd say apart from that they look alright, telling from those pics...
    just wait with your next watering until the top inch of soil is dry, just stick your pinky in the soil halfway and if the tip feels dry it's time... the roots need some air every once in a while too ;)
    i always use that method to determine when to water and am pretty pleased with my results:D

    good luck

  3. Thats what I was thinking, but all of my plants are dry plast 3-4 inches down. If I feel down about 5-6 inches then I can feel just the slightest bit of moisture, and thats only in a few of the plants. Also, the bags are very light feeling in general. I have been waiting for it to feel dry past 2 inches mainly since FFOF seems to hold water fairly long.
  4. here are some better pictures not under hps lighting. Some more details I left out.

    box is 2.5x3.5x6 ft.
    bags are 1 gal grow bags
    plants are now at day 23
    FFOF soil
    Watering schedule had been about every 5 days now with hps lighting on
    I used nutes last monday once after I noticed the nute deficiency, feared I had PH locked them because of adding nutes to already PH adjusted watered which I did not know lowered PH even more, flushed them on wed night and had not watered until early this morning. I had foliar feed twice, because I believed I may have caused PH lock out with them. I have got advice on other forums that I had given too much nitrogen because of how green they looked, this is why I uploaded new pictures under cfl lighting since I think the hps glow makes them look a much darker color.

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  5. Top dress with dolomite lime and go back to your normal takes time for plants to recover...wait and see what the new growth looks like. Get back to us in a week. They can take more watering now...they're getting bigger. Every 5 days may not be enough.

  6. Well you are correct. The plants that were droopy have already perked up a bunch. Half of the plant is happy looking while the top bit still is a little droopy, likely since water hasn't had time to affect that area.

    Now the comical part: with one problem solved comes another. Some of the happy plants from before are starting to look a little droopy. Looks like I am going to need to vary the watering schedule with my plants since some are needing a lot more water then others. Through all of this, only one plants has neither had overwatering/underwatering signs or nute deficiency/over nuting. This may be my best plants because of this. Too bad at this time I do not have room to clone.

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