Almost Caught!

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  1. So last night me and my friends decided to finish the last of our weed. We rolled three fatass joints, then went searching for a place to toke up. We were drivin around, when one of my friends mentions an empty house right outside of town that has been for sale for like two years now. So I drive over there, and drive up the huge dirt hill to this house that we all assume is outside of the city limits. (here if you're outside city limits, the cops cant do anything, they have to call a Sheriff's deputy and theres like 8 in our whole county haha)

    Anyway, I park my truck and we all get out and sit on the tailgate. My buddy sparks up the joint, then passes it to me. I take a huge hit and pass it to my other friend, and as soon as he starts rippin it, a cop drives by on the street below us and stops. We're all freakin out now, and my friend is still trying to hold his hit in, so the cop doesn't see a huge plume of smoke.

    Then all of the sudden, the cop turns on his lights, flips around and hauls ass out of there. We're all lookin at each other like wtf? haha so we decide to finish the joint as fast as we can and book it. But as soon as we finish it, another cop drives by, and he's spotlighting us. So now we're freakin the fuck out, and we duck behind the truck. Immediately, i eat the roach, and as soon as the cop passes us, we all light up cigs and start blowin the smoke on each other to try and mask the pot smell haha.

    then we notice another cop driving by, but this one is spotlighting the field across the street. And we're like fuck, how the hell are we gonna get outta here without them noticing? So we watch these cops drive by a few more times, thinking, and then we figure out that there must be a loop they keep following, because everytime one of them drives by, it takes 2 minutes for the other one to show up.

    So as soon as one of the cops turns a corner and disappears, we jump in my truck and book it down the hill. We turn onto the street, only to see a cop car sitting on the side of the street, waiting for us. I try to drive by like everythings fine, but he still flips around and follows us. We thought we were fucked.

    At this point, my foot is shaking so bad on the gas pedal that i can barely drive, and there's a cop right on my ass. we make it to a main road, and there's a cop coming from my right, apparently ready to make the loop again. He's not that far away, but far enough that i have to turn in front of him so i don't look suspicious.

    So now we're driving down the only main road in my small ass town at 1 in the morning, we're high as fuck, two cop cars are following us, and my friend has two more joints in his pocket. I nearly pissed myself.

    I set the cruise control at 30, and drive through town like nothing is wrong. We're all rehearsing our story like we think we can talk our way out of it, and my heart feels like its gonna explode. i'm starting to think "ok, they've been following us forever now, its just a matter of time before i see those red and blue lights in my mirror" but to my utter amazement, one turns off on a side street, and the other one pulls to the side of the road and flips around.

    So we went to our friends house, told our story, and vowed never to smoke anywhere but the comfort of our homes again haha.

    Sorry for the novel, but i'm super baked and i couldn't stop writing :p
  2. Damn dude, what a fucking night.

    I can only imagine "man, I bet these kids are fucking paranoid, you wanna get something to eat?"
  3. ALWAYS have the story right, and if I was your friend, I would have had those joints in hand ready to fucking munch down.

  4. haha we tried to tell him to but he was literally curled up in a ball in the back seat and wouldn't talk to us lmao. We we're probably takin bong hits for like 2 hours before we decided we wanted a change in scenery.

    what a horrible fucking idea haha

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