Almost caught story

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by bosslobbyz, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. I still live with my parents I am 18 just about to graduate highschool so I am still hiding it from my parents. Me and my friend were smoking over winter break. We decided to smoke at are old school so we told his 12 year old brother that we were going to go play football. I asked my friend if there is any chance that he would fallow us he said no. So I was on about my 4th bowl very small pipe so not big bowls and out from no where we here THERE YOU GUYS ARE. His brother had come to play i shoved the pipe in my pocket but the weed was still a little lit and it burned threw my pocket and smashed on the ground sucks. Good thing it was only a 5 dollar pipe but I had to play football for a hour baked lol. He didnt even here the pipe smash on the ground.
  2. Oh he heard it let me assure you of that.
  3. i would've just blew it in his face

    teach that motherfucker to creep

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